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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tankitout71


Tankitout71 Last updated on July 21, 2015
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Yasuo is an AD Hyper Carry who is great early to mid game and is extremely mobile. Though difficult to master Yasuo can be the most broken carry in all of league, his movement around minions and limitless combos as well as team comp make him a huge asset in team fights.

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The Static Shiv allows you to push lanes insanely fast as well as bonus damage. Infinity edge boosts Yasuo's Passive and his Critical Damage becomes crazy high allowing you to easily delete Champions.

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Skill Sequence

Skills Sequence is very important and can make or break a game. Starting with a base point in Q allows you to take minions fast and have a early game long range Poke with tornado which should do incredible Dmg against most Ap mid laners. Second point in E allows for mobility and easy combos. W should be used at lvl 4 only because the raw dmg of another point in Q is more worth then being able to possibly block a Skill shot.

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Pros / Cons

[*] Hard to master [*] Ability to Delete
[*] Difficult Windwall blocking [*] Easy to carry with
[*] Without team comp can be tricky to stack Q's [*] OP tean fighting with good Comp
[*] Useless without kills [*] Ability to get ahead early

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Team Work

Malph, Alistar, Lee Sin, Janna and any other champion with knock ups allow Yasuo to easily Ult their team in a team fight without the need to build up Q stacks.

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