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Nunu Build Guide by Bruinz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bruinz

Yeti in the Jangle

Bruinz Last updated on July 3, 2012
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This is my first guide decided to make it the day before the Nunu buff for whatever reason.....ill probably update it once i play the new Nunu jungle. Anyway in this guide ill explain my reasons behind my Runes Masteries Items Skills and summoner spells along with some other information that you'll probably skip over like i do when reading any guide.

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Greater Mark of Potency

My reason for Using these is because without AP Nunu is almost useless. his ganks rely on his E and his E's damage scales with ability power and his Q which keeps him alive in the jungle along with clearing the jungle at a faster pace also scales with Ability power. Not to mention his Ultimate which scales off of 250% AP. So i would say that AP is important here

Greater Seal of Resilience

Greater Seal of Resilience is basically every junglers Seal. Straight to the point you NEED Resilience to be effective in the jungle.

Greater Glyph of Shielding

Most of the time a jungler will get these because a jungler more often then not will be the teams tanky initiator player. although Nunu doesnt have initiation like Maokai, Amumu or Nautilus. He can still initiate with his slow but his slow is kind of short range so he needs to get right in there to use it, And if your up in front you need to be able to survive a little. so i get magic resist along with the resilience seals. my reason for getting the per level magic resist is because your spending most of your time in the jungle you don't really need the magic resist until later game. and the per level magic resist is more at level 18 then just the straight magic resist glyph's .

Greater Quintessence of Potency

Ability power Quints for more AP the more AP the better!

Other Rune Options

You can use Mana regen Glyphs as well nunu uses a lot of mana for his spells. and with the CDR this build uses you'll be pumping out a lot of mana quite frequently.

If your going for a more tanky nunu you can use resilience marks as well and even armor quints.

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I go the defense route with Nunu along with the standard 9 in Utility. I got a lot of survival talents to have more survivability in the jungle and for later game initiation as i explained in the Runes section. Nunu is a great counter jungle because of his Q he can easily take out important pieces of enemy jungle camps. Defensive stats will help you survive if you get caught counter jungling as well. a tanky Nunu with slows and a speed buff. good luck getting payback for him taking your blue wraith. I really shouldn't have to explain the Utility its a basic talent setup for almost any champion. youll see almost every pro getting these talents to increase the time on Red and Blue buff and most important increase the time you have Baron. the speed increase and mana is interchangeable i guess but i like to have more mana for early on jungling being able to have the mana to clear everything out. maybe with the new Nunu buff coming to his passive you wont need it anymore but ill update if necessary.

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You can run Bootsx3 or regrowth HP. either is fine i prefer the Regrowth pendent because i find myself not using the HP pots that often.

You can get these early if you can. It will help to get mid-late game items faster. I usually grab both of these early.

Grab boots around the same time your getting GP5 you can get these boots or.

is alright to

I usually start making Frozen Heart first out of my main items the early Armor and Mana is nice to have and the Cooldown reduction is great for spamming snowballs. the attack speed debuff to enemies is great to have for earlier team fights. having this item will deffinatly help to win those confrontations.

Shurelya's has numerous capabilities. The speed buff to get into or out of fights, The speed buff can also help you scale over areas quickly like if there's a brush warded and your trying to gank top pop shurelya's run through it and the enemy wont even know your there till its to late. The health and health regen makes you even more hard to kill then you already are. the cooldown reduction as i said before is good for spamming snowballs which will keep your enemy slowed and they do hit pretty hard.

Both of these are good to have i personally prefer the Locket of Iron Solari because it fits the build. if you get Randuin's you'll be over the CD reduction cap. and will have to make adjustments accordingly

You will want to build this later. As ive said previously without any AP Nunu cant really do anything. Rabadon's will be good to help burn the enemy carry faster. Nunu is already kind of gimped late game for team fights where his Q is useless since it doesnt do anything to champions. so having the Ability Power for your E will somewhat make up for it. And your Ultimate scales for 250% Ability Power and in team fights that will decimate anyone who stays in it for the full duration.

Abyssal scepter Will complete your build if your following this guide. It will give you even more Ability Power for your Spells increasing the amount of dirty work your doing already.
The extra Magic resist is needed to survive the Magic Spells of the other team. you can just stack against AD or AP unless the other team is dumb and runs Ashe Tristana Corki Miss Fortune and Vayne. Then its fine to just stack 1 set of items. The magic resist will also contribute to Randuin's Omen where it adds .5 seconds to the unique active for each 100 armor and magic resist you have.

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Skills and Skill Sequence Explanation

Q: Consume

This is your main utility for jungling. it is the reason you can clear camps effectively. it rips through minions and it also heals you for a significant amount. it will keep you alive in the jungle. It can also act as a clutch save when your about to die you can quickly run to a creep and Consume it to stay alive and escape.

W: Blood Boil

Blood Boil is also a nice tool to have for jungling as it will increase your attack speed faster attack speed = faster camp clears. As well as its speed buff it gives you to increase your mobility getting you to different camps faster and gets you in ganking position faster.
TIP: when running in to gank toss this spell on your teammate and keep it on him until the enemy is dead.

E: Ice Blast

This ability is also pretty nice for clearing creeps in the jungle as it does decent damage. But the main reason for having this is for ganking potential. it will slow your enemy and also reduce there attack speed making it harder for them to handle you. this is also a good spell for getting out of a hairy situation where u can just throw it on the enemy that is spanking you and get away with Blood boil.
TIP: when ganking SPAM THIS ABILITY. if you dont the ganks will fail every time you NEED to keep this up at all times along with Blood Boil.

R: Absolute Zero

Now this is your ultimate your highest damaging spell out of your whole kit. it can help you with ganking although it is very hard to get off for a full duration it will slow the attack speed and movement speed of enemies in the area of it.
TIP: When your using this its a good idea to use your Ice Blast first to make sure the enemy will remain inside it for as long as possible. It is also a good idea to combo this ability with flash. just flash in and start channeling your enemy will have to make even more effort to get out of it. Also if you channel this in a bush the enemy cant see you until its to late and they have already walked into the bush right before Absolute Zero is about to explode

Sequence Explained:

I grab Consume first so i can do more then absolutely nothing in the jungle. without Consume its extremely difficult to make it through the whole jungle without having to go B. after getting your first consume you really don't need to level it up untill later having it level 1 is good enough to get through the jungle the real thing you need is Ice Blast. the increased slow from leveling it up will make ganks a hell of a lot easier. increasing from 20%/30%/40%/50%/60% i always max this first. I get blood boil after a few ice blasts just to help get through the jungle faster and to get into ganking position faster. i max Blood Boil after Ice Blast. And i just get Consume last because its a pretty useless spell after you get the first one. I mean yea its nice to have a self heal but it doesnt do anything for team fights. i personally think they should make it do a percentage of damage to champions. Maybe Nunu would be Meta again! ; )

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Summoner Spells

Smite is used on EVERY JUNGLER to keep enemies from stealing buffs you can just secure the kill of buffs by smiting make sure you time it correctly as smite will increase its damage as you level. Dont just use smite in the middle of killing something use it as your last thing you hit when fighting blue buff, red buff, baron etc..

Flash is in my opinion the best summoner spell in the game. you can flash through walls to get out of bad situations you can flash over baron wall and smite steal baron you can flash ultimate as i explained earlier you can flash into fights to secure kills and you can even just flash away down lane to get out. it has so much potential why do you think all the pros use it!

These are mainly support summoner spells. you don't really need them in the jungle. exhaust may help with ganks but you already have a built in slow so don't use these.

Believe it or not i ran into a few Nunu's using this. i laughed the first 5 mins of the game. you don't need a heal on Nunu he has a build in heal.

You dont want to use ghost because if you already cant get away with Blood Boil, Ghost will just be useless. unless your playing some premade racing game on the crystal scar. don't get ghost.

You don't really need this unless the enemy has a disgusting amount of CC. even then you have a decent amount of escape abilities to not take this over flash.

This is pretty much a kill securing spell. you don't need to secure kills your job is to set up kills. i don't recommend taking this.


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Pros / Cons


- Built in Heal
- Build in Attack speed and movement slow
- Built in Attack speed and movement buff
- High damage AoE ultimate with built in slow to attack speed and movement speed as well
- Good counter jungle
- Your riding a damn yeti


- Slower jungle clearing speed
- Low ganking potential
- hard to use ultimate's full power
- Consume is useless for team fights your basically a spell down late game leaving you with 3
- There's a little boy riding a big hairy man-beast....kinda weird.....

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Your basic Jungle route you want to start at blue buff. you don't really want to try and do wolves first unless you have a good teammate willing to help get them down fast so u can last hit them.

Route 1:
Start blue, wolves, wraiths, red or golem depending on if you feel comfortable doing red without smite, try a gank at closest lane that looks gankable or continue to jungle back through wraiths and wolves then golems again. gank whenever it looks available or just go back to base to buy when you need to.

Route 2 (counter jungle):
Blue dont use smite get a good leash, enemy red (smite), your wolves, wraiths, give red to top lane if purple side AD carry if blue side, golems then gank or continue to jungle.

These are just 2 very basic route's you can go i advise with nunu you counter jungle as often as you can afford to between ganks and getting your own jungle cleared. your consume is great for this.

you ALWAYS should ward your jungle and the enemy jungle. every time you go for a counter jungle be sure to place a ward in it. keeping track of the enemy jungler will help you to know when to gank. when to counter jungle, and when to counter gank, it is your job to make sure the enemy jungler does work to his full potential. Once you can afford to buy oracles. get it right away. clearing wards out of your jungle and out of ganking points will keep the enemy on there toes. and a support having to spend an extra 75g every time you kill bot lanes ward is great.


Jungling can be very stressful everyone blames the jungler right? "why wont you gank bottom","why wont you gank top","Why wont you gank mid" its not your job to babysit everyones lane because there not good enough to handle it themselves. your job is to not let your jungle go to waste and provide a gank IF it is open. dont force a gank on a lane thats pushed in your favor its a waste of time and often will fail unless you have the right setup to dive a turret.

These are just the basics of jungling im not gonna get to into it here theres plenty of guides you can look at to get the essence of jungling through your head. reading any of TheOddones guides will surely increase your skills.

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Well that is my guide on Jangle Nunu i hope you like it. i greatly appreciate an upvote maybe even a comment why you liked it along with any comments on why you didnt. i will take any advice to make my guides better. If you have any questions for me either PM me or leave a comment ill be sure to get back to you.