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Tryndamere Build Guide by PORO BOY

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PORO BOY

YOLO , dont know that! :3

PORO BOY Last updated on June 13, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Table of Contents
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- Tryndamere's Spinning Slash can be used as an excellent tool to catch up to enemies or run away from enemies
- Bloodlust can help Tryndamere be dominent in early game laning with it's healing potential and damage increase
- Mocking Shout is a very strong slow that can be used for many purposes: to catch up to enemies, to help a teammate get away from an enemy and since it also reduces attack damage it can also be used for dueling enemy champions
- Tryndamere is a literal tank, he can deal high damage catch up to people very easily and run away just as easily.
- Tryndamere's ultimate Undying Rage encourages extremely agressive play with very little consequence, you an use it to back out of a 3v1 gank, provide yourself with a kill or if you need to gain fury for a farming or critical chance boost

-There is always at least one person whining about op Tryndamere
- Tryndamere is incredibly vunerable to croud control spells and abilities
- Tryndamere is also vulnerable to burst damage.

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Tryndamere's basic skills

Battle Fury is Tryndamere's passive. This passive is amazing, it gives you 0.35% crit chance for every point of fury Tryndamere has. That means at full fury (100/100) he will have 35% bonus crit chance. This is a huge advantage in solo top lanes and helps you farm and trade hits better.

Bloodlust is tryndamere's Q ability and the majority of his sustain and damage without items. This ability gives you a flat amount of attack damage per rank increasing by rank and gives you an amount of attack damage per % of health you are missing. These are the passive abilities. The active is Tryndamere consumes his fury and heals for a flat amount plus an amount per fury point changing with level. At rank 5 with full fury you should be healing roughly 320 health with Bloodlust.

Mocking Shout is very important for tryndamere when he needs to chase after somebody, lower an opposing solo top opponent's attack damage or save yourself from ganks or stealthed opponents ready to kill. This ability provides an extremely strong slow and decreases attack damage greatly on your opponents giving you an advantage in duels.

Spinning slash is an extremely important skill for Tryndamere because it is his most effective gap closer and can also act like a mini flash with very low cooldown. The fact that the cooldown is reduced by 2 seconds every time you crit makes for a very short cooldown if in fights or if you're farming and need to make a quick get away. In combination with Mocking Shout Tryndamere can catch and kill almost anybody short of maybe a Rammus or someone with several blinks/escape mechanisms.

Undying Rage is one of the best ultimates in the game because if used right it gives you a guaranteed 5 seconds in a fight which with this build is enough to kill 2 enemies at least. If you activate this when you have guardian angel you will waste it so do not do that. It instantly gives you fury which you can use to heal up after coming out of your god mode. This can be used to gain fury to finish off a target, save your life or provide yourself with a kill. Overall one of the best ultimates in the game if used correctly.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage: I use this rune for early solo top lane dominance against other hard ad bruisers. It also allows you to farm better and trade hits more effectivly early game which snowballs into an amazingly strong late game.

Seal of scaling attack damage: I use this rune because I want a pure attack damage tryndamere and bacause lots of ad can help tryndamere in laning especially when solo.

Glyph of Scaling Attack Damage: As i have said, I want a pure ad hero , so this rune helps me to add more damage and helps on bullying other heroes in your lane.

Greater Quintessence of Attack damage: MORE AD!! adds attack damage to tryndamere and also helps tryndamere to snowballs lanes and trade damage to other heroes.

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These boots I usually buy for the cheap attack speed and greater mobility, and when i'm having no cc troubles in lane and all ready the upper hand in damage.

These boots are extremely expensive but pay off extremely well. Not only do they give Tryndamere a magic resist boots the also give 35 tencaty which means any cc put on you will be reduced by 35%. Very expensive boots but GREAT if you are against a cc heavy top lane like Alistar or a cc heavy team (when each champ has about 2 cc spells on average)

These boots are great against top lanes like Fiora because they give you some cheap armor to be able to trade hits better.

Could be useful for ultimate cooldown reduction but I would usually not get these boots.

Useful for jungle tryndamere when you want to get to and from camps faster without losing fury and provides extremely effective ganks when coming in from the jungle
P.S if you really play LOL , then you know the names of these boots XD.

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Exhaust is a great spell for Tryndamere simply because his movement speed isn't the best and he needs this spell to catch up or get away from enemies. This spell can also be used to save people from certain death. Another way it can be used is in combat, if the opponent looks stronger than you, you should fight them for a while then at about half health exhaust to decrease their damage by 70%. Now with Tryndamere this can make or break a fight or mean the difference between a double kill and a death. Also in combination with mocking shout this summoner spell will make the opponent only be able to as low as 39 damage to you per hit. When you would be jungling you can take this as an alternative to Ghost if you feel you don't need Ghost or flash and want to take Exhaust.

Ignite: Again I find the biggest problem with playing Tryndamere is that he has a hard time catching up to people. People like Ezreal, Kassadin and people with Flash can be very annoying to fight when they just simply Flash away when they are one attack away from death. This spell fixes all that by having Ignite you, when you suspect they are going to flash away and they are at low enough health just Ignite them and they'll just die. Another use is to limit the lifesteal on enemy champions because of the healing reduction. For example Fiddlesticks drain will be rendered useless with one simple Ignite, same with Sion's cannibalism.

Flash is also a good spell with Tryndamere to use because since spinning slash is like a mini flash it opens the possibility of having two flashes which will make you almost uncatchable and make enemy junglers hesitate about ganking you because you have two escapes.

Just......... don't.

We don't even have mana and you'll be soloing lanes. A waste of a summoner spell

Heal could be used for a very agressive tryndamere or someone who likes to stay in lane FOREVER. I personally don't like to use this spell but it shouldn't stop you. If you feel it is important take it.

Could be useful late game but it's not worth 50 seconds to take this spell. I'd just leave it alone.

Great for not missing exp or farm in lane but tryndamere can naturally stay in lane forever and has great mobility. It's honestly not a necessity for him and I would recommend taking it. But if you play top well with it GO FOR IT.

Cleanse is a very interesting spell. Since season two Cleanse is now able to remove other summoner spells. This could prevent Tryndamere from being last hitted too many times by ignite or rendered useless by exhaust, BUT quicksilver sash does this too and it has a lower cooldown. Nuff said.

You have spinning slash and exhaust to get away. How much more do you need? BUT you could use it to gank when you're juggling very effectively. I sometimes take this when i'm jungling to have very effective ganks or as a good escape tool when it looks like certain death. Up to you.

Smite: A must have when jungling but other than that, leave this spell alone. Tryndamere is an extremely weak junglier early so I would encourage getting this spell.

I really don't play dominion very much but from what i've seen and heard it is a viable summoner spell for turret diving. Up to you.

This spell has the potential to do great things for Tryndamere. It shields immediately for a fixed amount that increases by level, this gives you an amazing early game advantage but sadly it wears off late game, lacking any other uses than countering ignite. It's honestly playstyle that dictates weather you would want to take this or not, I'll keep experimenting with this and get back to it.

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I take these boots because they help you trade hits and farm minions more effectively. They provide a lot of cheap attack speed in lane and can be sold for a zephyr late game.

I like to take vampiric scepter because it allows you to take early golems every time you shove the lane up to their turret and you can sustain those high poke tops everyone hates like Jayce and Nidalee.

I get an early statikk shiv because it helps your waveclear a lot and boosts your overall damage by quite a bit. Also it makes fury generation a lot faster with the chain lightening proc generating 5 fury per unit hit.

I believe this item is core on tryndamere and many people believe I build it too early, but if you rush a infinity edge or botrk before this item you will be doing no damage as the enemy team will start to stack armor as soon as you start to get scary. You still do a lot of damage you just delay your major damage items to not get shutdown by the opposing team's top laner stacking armor at 20 minutes.

I get this before Infinity Edge because it multiplies your duelling, escape, assassination and overall damage exponentially. The extra attack speed helps you push your lane faster and put out more dps to whatever you wish to do damage to. You can use the active to escape, chase or assassinate extremely effectively.

This is my first choice after blade of the ruined king because it is your main damage dealing tool in this build. It allows you to clear waves faster and push turrets down more effectively. It also makes your crits smash even MORE face in when somebody tries to come stop the splitpush.