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Teemo General Guide by death to yordles

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League of Legends Build Guide Author death to yordles

Yordle scum: A Teemo guide

death to yordles Last updated on October 5, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Teemo is a champion that many consider, to be too squishy and not deal enough dmg, but if you follow my guide then you shall deal tonnes of damaged while still being off tanky and helping out your team

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many believe that movement speed runes are a waste of money, i could not disagree more, one of teemos strongest points is that he can run away like a little girl, these runes will help amplify this ability, making it even stronger.

i take mpen/arpen reds as you will be dealing lots of damage with auto attacks, but also tonnes of damage with your mushrooms.

i find teemo has serious mana problems thoughout the entire game, flat mana, and mana regen runes coutner this.

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i take 21/0/9 as the 21 points in offnse will allow you to deals tonnes of damage, i take the 9 points in utility because it helps you move even faster, and seeing as you are yordle scum, you will be dying lots, making sacrifices for your team, less time dead will serve you well.

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Pros / Cons

Pros: your teemo, you are unstoppable, enemys will recall in fear of you

Cons: yordle scum.

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im not sure why i am even need to discuss this but i will anyway, i start with dagger because teemo scales extremely well with attack speed, you also dont need boots as you are starting move quick level one, trinity force gives you tonnes of dmg, i get eleisas miracle as we are getting greves so some tenacity is needed, and this item gives you much needed mana and health sustain. frozen mallet will cripple the enemy team and locket will buff your team into oblivion, at the same time making you a super tank. i get a grail, as this gives you all the good stats, ap for damage, cdr for more shrooms, and magic resist to the make your inner tank shine.

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Summoner Spells

i bring ghost because this accentuates teemos ability to run like little girl, running is always good, whether it be away from any half decent champion, or when initating fights with shrooms.
i also bring clarity because of teemos serious mana problems, i also find that on teemo the rest of the summoners are useless, with the exception of revive, when you have the mastery that gives you the speed boost, the faster the you are, the better

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Team Work

teemo is one of the games greatest initators, which is incredible movement speed, you can run into a pack of enemies, place shrooms, blind the ad carry, and then run out while barely taking a scratch.

in early game you want to make the most of your passive, serving as a deadly ward, ready to pounce at the perfect moment, be careful of pink wards and oracles as these will end your fun very quickly. to make your ability to be a ward even more powerful buy an oracles which will instantly turn you into a pink ward, this will allow you to see this you could not, like other teemos being wards.

mid game is where teemo excels, you want to start rounding up your team and pushing hard, no team is able to take you on. just make sure to get cocky.

late game is interesting, mainly because there shouldnt be one as you should of won by now, but if by some miracles the enemy team are still standing you need to lure them into a minefield of shrooms, this will cause utter chaos and you shouldnt even need your team mates, but they can join in for some assists.

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in conclusion

thank you for reading my teemo guide, i hope you enjoy your 100% win rate, i know i have, please comment and vote honestly. i will see you all soon for my next yordle scum guide on tristana


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