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Yorick Build Guide by Anachen

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Anachen

Yorick - da Jungler

Anachen Last updated on June 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Table of Contents
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Chapter 1

Hi there this is my first guide ever I made. I was thinking as jungle yorick.

It is possible however at the begining it is not so quick as the others like udyr, trundle.

Why choose yorick as jungle? well he has a slow nice ulti, and ofc great lifesteal and hudge damage. However they can jungle great, gankink might cank be a little bit harder, you have to slow, then lifesteal the enemy and if you are sure you can reach hit him only than use your Q ability.

My route is:
(what i tried atm) Wolfs - Wraths - small golems - home (philosopher stone should be done.
Blue - wolf (cause you will need heal up) - gank if you heald and if possible or go for wrathe-red demending your smite is ready.

Starting with Q is kinda start Trundle with Q. (just does not makes such a lot dmg)
2nd is E cause you'll need heal up, and youll see youll be fine without! any potions (philo+quint+lifesteal works good together)

For the blue buff: you need to learn W cause it makes lot of damage,(and as well you can easily go and gank) marm Lizard Elder, than w-e-q-e-q should be almost done i you need w one more and use q on cooldown if you are worried your hp use e basicly thats it.
After yorick gets the blue basicly very fast and good to farm with. Gankink with blue + red is very srong as yorick.

I recommend take blue at least you did not get your catalyst so you can spam your abilities, later on will does not matter (but the cd time is still nice)

This build is kinda dps-tanky you can change omen with a bloodthirster, or if you have heavy ap enemy get the force of nature and rather than banshee get frozen hearth.

Building is basicly up to the setup you have.

I'll update and explain more build as jungle yorick later on.

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The Jungle Route I.

Starting with wolfs you need use Q 2-max 3 times to eliminate them do not use smite there.
Go To wraths smite the big one and you need use 1 Q for others.

On small golems target one with e and hit also while Q is up, Q if need again and use E only on second golem next you may have to use your Health potion. (I tried to pick mana potion against Hp one youll not go oom, and may can spam more a little but you will go out from that fiht barly 20-30 hp. It is very important not spam your abilities on wolfs and wraths cause it may cause you can not kill both of the golems.

After recall and you got philo, go blue. I use W-E-Q-E-Q and smite use E on the Elder. After you got that buff youll not have so much hp to go gank, so kill wolfs at least and should be okeay after that. If you can go gank or you see possibility go now, if not go to wraths to get your hp full dont forget use your E., if you are almost full and smite is ready you can geat red as the same order ad blue one. If still no gankink possibilites you can kill golems, and if wolfs back again those as well. (basicly if you have blue on yourself try stay as much as you can. (you might can go back when you can buy your boots straight.

Drake: (later on)

Ganking: (later on)