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Yorick Build Guide by I3acon

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author I3acon


I3acon Last updated on June 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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HI, ok so this will be my first guide, so feedback would be awesome :D. First off, yorick is a brand new champion, and most people are still tweaking out to see what can make yorick a top notch champion, well i think i have found a pretty good build so far. Please look over the build and tell me if i should fix some things or if you have an opinion id like to here it.

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Pros/ Cons

- good dps
- excellent pusher
- good team fighter
- his ult brings him back for more!
- end game

- lacks early game
- easily gankable
- kinda squishy

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Alright so basically yorick is an all average champion, average health, average attack, and average spell...? when i first played yorick i saw that all his skills were based off of his physcial dmg, idk if its a glitch but if it is, lets hope they dont fix it lol.

I specced all ad because ad is what all his attacks need. I chose the ad increase over time, because you want to be able to be better than you oppenent toward mid/late game. the one who will have ad then, well lets just try not to get ganked in the beginning ;]

Yorick needs his skills in order to do dmg, i wouldnt rely on going all in like a yi and xin does, so CD runes are a must for yorick. The more ghouls you have out the more dmg you put out. Got it memorized? :D

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While yorick does run off of ad, his CD reduction is more important. you dont want to be chasing your oppenent down and only having 2 secs left to summon your ghoul to deal the finishing blow. Your ad runes should fill the spot your mastery build leaves. Think of it this way, the more cooldown you have, the more ghouls youll have out, the more ghouls you have out the more attack dmg you do :]. The annyoign thing about yorick is he runs out of mana so fast! so were goign to be spending points in the mana regen so you dont have to leave all the time.

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ok so why tear of the goddess? well your going to be spammin the skills button alot, so why not grab something that increases your mana too :] and also you need lots of mana, else youll be useless on the battlefield. After tear of the goddess, its important to grab the brutalizer simply because we dont like to wait on our skills, we want ghouls out 24/7! Harass Harass Harass! After the brutalizer comes the vamp scepter, while your famine skill does give you health, its good to get some more lifesteal when bashing on your enemies, were grabbing bloodthirster later. After this, you should grab manamune, so it stacks on top of your tear of the goddess. and all that skill spamming? its going to pay off with your ad :] After this youll want to grab your black clever, and finishing it off with ghostblade. The last item is up to you, personally i prefer the Phantom dancer simply because i want to hit faster and up my crit some more, but it is very situational. sometimes if a yi is bothering me i may put on a thornmail.

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Skill Sequence

alright skills, i grab e first, because it has 2 purposes, harassment, and it your safest bet for the early game, yorick isnt good upclose yet :p youll want to max our your e first, as soon as possible, because it gives you life on hit, and when the ghoul hits your oppnennt it gives you more life! I grab Q next because it has good raw ad dmg, and it gives you a bosted attack spped when you hit an enemy mob, so if someone is trying to get away from you, hit them or a minion and finish the job! W i finish off last simply because it only slows your oppennet and in my opinion is yoricks weakest skill, however if times right can be a good early game kill. but we max out our q before our w :P

Our combo will work like this, upclose it will be w -> q -> e and finish the job, sometimes if its more than 2 people pop your when your at full health, its ok, its only on a 50 sec cd ;]

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Summoner Spells


Hell no

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Well this is my build, i really hope you enjoy it, if not well i tried xD its a good build i think, although idk how to upload my winnings to this website, i guess ill take a picture later and show you, when i update this, hope this helped all the yoricks out their struggling. And if it doesn't? well tweak it to your taste, im jus a fellow LoL player looking to help