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Yorick Build Guide by CodaJebac

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CodaJebac

Yorick, the uncounterable top (Not finished)

CodaJebac Last updated on November 16, 2012
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Versus AD/AP/Mix


Supporty Bruiser

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Yo Summoner's , my username in LoL is CodaJebac. Here i'm gonna be showing you the way i play this beast at top called


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Pros/Cons - With explenation


+ Wins the lane easely - The only real counters for him are Cho'Gath and Trundle, you can still beat them tho, but they are gonna have a bit of advantage.

+ Strong harass and sustain - Every of your spells summon a ghoul, which automaticly attack first closest enemy player (which means that they will be taking damage all the time), if no enemy player is in the range they attack minions. Also your E spell gives you really good sustain.

+ Can tank tons of damage - Passive + E spell is just amazing, you will be able to stay alive even if whole team focuses on you.

+ Ultimate is the game changer - It is the final fight, your ad carry is the only one with the insane dmg, but she is really squishy, they somehow get to her and are about to kill her? No problem, you just cast your ulti and she will respawn for 10 seconds which is even more of a time she needs to kill at least 2 people (Which will definetly change game)


- Mana hungry early game - Until you get tears of goddes/chalice of harmony, you will run out of mana really fast.

- A bit squishy early game - You could go for the tankines at beginning of the game but you will not be able to harras which is really bad on yorick. You MUST harras all of the time.

- Damage drops late game - Tho late game you should be focusing on enemy ad carry, and against him you won't have problem with the damage.

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Summoner Spells

Great for extra damage. Can insure that you get the kill. Great against pretty much everyone and those annoying sustainers like yourself. (AD Sion, Swain, Soraka, etc). I recommend you to take this most of the times, because yorick is just an amazing harraser, and enemies will almost always be low health.

Great escape/gap closer. Can be used in a variety of ways on Yorick. You can combo flash + q + w + e to ensure a kill, i highly recommend taking this in every game, it can both save your life or get you that kill.

Ghost is really good summoner spell for yorick. Combined with q you will be extremly fast. I just prefer flash because i find it more usefull in some situations like for when you are taking dragon and then enemy suddently comes, you can just flash over wall and escape, while with ghost you would take alot of dmg, and probably die.

Exhaust is another really good summoner spell. You can take it instead of ignite, or for when enemy has jungler/top like lee sin, diana and similar that can just "appear" next to you.

[Teleport is a spell perfect for when you are against a cho'gath or trundle (yorick's counters), you can gank lanes with it which would get you ahead, or you could port right back at your lane after bad trade where you lost alot of health, or even after a gank where you barely got away. It is really good spell for solo top.

I take this one only if i am against a team with mordekaiser, galio or cassiopeia in it.

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Playstile / What to do

Laning Phase

Now what you wan't to do with Yorick is


. You must keep harassing them through the whole laning phase, which is the reason why Yorick is op. Try to farm with basic attacks and use your E and W as harassing tool. If the enemy tries to farm you just Q him land few basic then run away, heal up and just continue doing that, the enemy will eventually drop to no health at all and your sustain will always keep you at really high hp. When enemy drops normaly you just wait for him to position himself badly and just ignite + spam the living hell out of your spells and hopefully get a kill. Since 90% of the times you will be pwning top you will reach their jungler's "mark book", and he will spend every possible time trying to gank you, so if you do not wan't their jungler feeding on you


Mid Phase

In middle part of the game you will wan't to ward bush at their blue / red (depending on which one is nearer to the top) and try to keep top pushed to their turret while keeping an eye on your team's position and any possible teamfight (you wan't to participate in much teamfights as possible because Yorick shines early and mid game), try to force enemy team to surrender by salaving them early and mid. Because Yorick's dmg kinda falls off late game (if both teams are equally fed that is)

Late (Ending) Part of the game

Now during these latest parts of the game ( + 35 minutes) Yorick's damage kinda falls off. I mean it is not so much, but the "fall off" on dmg is noticable. Now in here you will wan't to buy elixir or oracle or similar (oracle if you are not dying, and elixir if there is gonna be big "game change" fight soon). In teamfights ulti your carry and just try to take out their squishies, while not overeaching too much and making sure that your team won't just run away and leave you 1v5.