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Yorick Build Guide by Generekxx

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Generekxx

Yorick: Welcome To The Underworld

Generekxx Last updated on July 17, 2011
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Utility: 21

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Hey guys, here's Yorick. Before the patch, he raped. After the patch, he became godlike. I'll tell you now, Don't think Yorick is a melee during Early game. Yorick is a ranged champ that is almost a Caster. He has incredible burst damage at level 3. This guide will help you utilize his amazing burst damage and will completely dominate your lane. This guide, is made to last in MID for a good amount of time.Pay attention to what i'm saying because if you want to own with Yorick, you need to LISTEN TO ME

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Greater Mark of Desolation - Get Armor Penetration because it helps out with when your hitting champs of course. It'll help out with your damage is basically what i'm getting at.

Greater Seal of Replenishment - Yorick needs mana regeneration early on so you have a bit more spam on your abilities. Combine these runes with your 21 points in Utility, and you basically have enough mana regeneration to stay in lane for quite a bit of time.

Greater Glyph of Replenishment - I just get these runes because the only source of mana i have are from my RUNES and Utility mostly. Some extra regen, wouldn't be bad.

Greater Quintessence of Strength - With more raw damage output, Yorick literally shreds his opponents. With these, Yorick takes so much more damage to his enemies that they don't even want to get too close to his minions. They'd just sit back and cry until they can farm from their turret. Meaning they would be underleveled since you should only be last hitting.

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Offense - Put 9 points in offense so that you can get the 15% Spell Penetration. You want the 15 because the ghoul's initial damage is based off of Magic Damage. With the 15%, you deal more damage, healing more with your E and just more burst with all your ghouls.

Utility - Since the item build doesn't give you much mana regeneration, utility is nice for the substitute. On top of that, the cool down on your summoner spells helps out a lot because it allows you to spam your flash and ignite with your W and E combo a bit more for that last hit on that champ that's running away.

Defense - I put 0 in defense because if you build Yorick as a tank, it just seems like he can't tank... I don't know if it's just me or what, but tank Yorick isn't worth it. A dangerous Yorick is a Yorick that's fast and High H.

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Doran's Blade - I begin with a because it gives you hp and attack damage, both can be used to increase your ghoul's HP and attack damage. Think of it as killing two birds with one stone.

Boots of Swiftness - You want boots of swiftness next because they make you fast. A fast Yorick is a dangerous Yorick. You can quickly rush to harass a enemy then get back instantly. If you get these boots and with the masteries, you have a good 421 Movement speed. Yorick can almost be considered a Assassin with his movement speed. Get in, get out. Quick and easy.

Phage - Next, you want a slow. Phage is perfect for this. It gives you damage, hp, and the chance to slow an enemy. You W Ghoul doesn't always slow the enemies enough, so with your Phage, you can get a chance to keep the guy in range all the time.

Frozen Mallet - You want to upgrade your Phage into a Frozen mallet because it gives you 3 things. Hp, Damage, and a constant slow. This constantly makes sure that your opponent never gets away from you. Even if your stunned. It's a good item for your ghouls too.

Brutilizer - You need brutilizer because it'll give you more damage (which is always nice) and also because it gives you cool down reduction. It's a nice little item that isn't worth much either.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - I love this item on Yorick. It give's Yorick Damage, CDR, more Armor Penetration and with the Unique Active. It just makes me want to **** in my pants. The Active is lovely because of the fact that it increases your attack speed and your movement speed. It's great for Chasing down that one champ that somehow got out of the team fight with little health left.

Sheen - Sheen is a great item on Yorick because of the fact that it proc's with all of his skills. The extra damage just rapes the enemy. I don't like this item early on because you don't do enough damage for it's proc and the fact that Yorick has to get too close to hit once while the enemy could just kite you the entire time.

Trinity Force - Well, i don't see why you wouldn't upgrade the sheen into a trinity force. Plus it get's your movement speed up to 450 and also gives you that critical chance you need (with Youmuu's). Plus it gives you a little more HP and Mana.

Banshee's Veil - Banshee's veil is a must have item. It gives you more HP, Mana, and it helps you escape or initiate fights. It's MR is also helpful for for when you got those annoying little *****es that love to spam Magic abilities on you. And besides, no build is complete without a banshee's.

Sunfire Cape - Truthfully, i just put this item down randomly. I've never gotten far enough into the games to even build this far. I just chose Sunfire Cape because it seems like a little more hp and armor would make Yorick indestructible. Plus, the 40 Magic Damage a sec seems like it would synergies nicely with with Yorick's abilities.

Potions and Wards - Remember to always buy some wards and potions whenever you have a bit of extra gold to spend. Trust me, they save your *** A LOT.

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Skill Sequence

I like to level up my Famine first because of the fact that it heals you and keeps you in lane for however long you want. Plus, the damage with your additional damage (not base damage) is at a 1 to 1 ratio, so you can harass very, very well with it once it is level 2.

Next, i like going with pest. because of the fact that it slows, does AOE damage and yeah, that's about it. It synergies so well with your Famine because it constantly slows them, allowing your ghouls to constantly hit the enemy champion.

I level up E first then W next, getting my ultimate whenever available.

The reason that i don't like leveling my Q until level 13 is the fact that Yorick has to get close to use it. Yorick is squishy in the beginning, specially when you go mid against ranged opponents who just burst you down, and getting close would get you killed. Don't get me wrong, it does tons of damage, but i'd rather not get too close for comfort. Plus, Yorick is already fast so the ghoul's effect wouldn't be that much of a difference until late game.

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Summoner Spells

There are just TWO useful spells that Yorick needs. Flash and Ignite.

Flash - I like flash because it helps you for two things. Playing Offensively and playing Defensively.

    Offense - When your constantly bursting the enemy champ and you just need to Pop your W, E and ignite combo to kill'em. This is when flash is used for offense, It's great to get the last bit of damage needed to kill the enemy champion.
    Defense - Well, you should know the answer. It's great for flashing over terrain to escape from a gank that you just didn't even notice coming at you. It can save your *** in so many ways.

Ignite - Ignite is great for what it was stated for above. It just gets you the kills. Plus, the fact that it stops those annoying champions that just have so much life steal from life stealing as much, if you know what i'm saying.

Ghost - Don't get me wrong, ghost is an amazing spell, but i find Flash to be better. i mean, can ghost get you through anything but minions? Nope, so only take ghost if you don't have f;ash yet or for whatever other unknown reason.

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O.K. Now that you guys know what do get, it's time to tell you what to do.

Early Game - I usually go middle with Yorick. Early game, consider Yorick as a ranged champ, not a melee-r. Go middle and just last hit minions. Last hitting is important throughout the entire game. If the enemy champ is constantly hitting your ***, hit his *** back harder. Use your E and W combo's to tell'em, "*****, you better get off my *** while i get these minion. I'll deal with you later" Level 3 is a good time to harass just a little bit more. Keep an eye on your mana and make sure you always have enough to at least do the E W combo. Sometimes, when the enemy champ recalls, you can try and gank a lane, just make sure to get back to your lane quick though. Don;t want to miss out on all the experience.

Middle Game - Think of Yorick as an Assassin middle game. He's like the Altair of League. Go and gank. Don't be afraid, just tell your teammates your coming and to save up their CC. Once you get to the lane, hide in a bush or something and when you see that your teammates are ready, CHARGE. You can burst down anyone, Just pop your ignite if needed and you'll win all the ganks. Also, make sure that whenever there is a team fight to ultimate the highest DPS on your team and to always be in a good position. You don't want to be in the first to battle but also not the last.

Late Game - Late game is like middle game but now there is a chance that the other team has a champion that is fed. If this is the, then ultimate the DPS and focus your moves on the fed champion. Tell your tam to focus ha champ t because without them, team loses a big reason to even stay in the fight anymore. Make sure to push some lanes and plant wards around the key areas too. You don;t want to get ganked or you want to set-up ganks. If this wasn't the case, Rinse and Repeat middle game.

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Last Thoughts

OK, well, hope you enjoyed the build thus far. It was only my second build and i don't know how to do half the **** other people know how to do. If you follow the build correctly, you should be able to Get score that are insanely good. I'll keep adding to the build and i hope it works out for you guys. Leave a comment and tell me anything that i can add also.