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Singed Build Guide by KratosLegacy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author KratosLegacy

You can't catch The Singed

KratosLegacy Last updated on September 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Basically, you want to get your regen (health mostly) and speed up as early as you can. When you do, you can escape almost anyone, and rarely need to back as long as you take it slow. Using ghost and cleanse, as well as popping your ultimate, you'll have enough movement speed to easily make it out of any situation, even 5v1s. Banshee's Veil will also help with such, once you get it of course. The last item (sell the Philosopher's stone at the end when you're ready to buy it) is up to you. Go Thornmail if you're fighting a lot of melee. Go Abyssal Scepter if you're fighting a lot of ap users (the extra AP for yourself will help your poison do even more dps). Go Warmog's if you feel you want to just take every hit you possibly can and still not go down (combined with your high health regen and your movement speed, your health even at 4-5k will be back up in no time). Feel free to buy the items that build up to the main ones if you don't have enough gold on hand, saving up will cost you early game.

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Coward? I'm Running to Fight Another Minute

Don't be afraid to run away from a battle. It's sooooo much better to not die, than to almost die, and see the person run away with like 20 health. They get more gold and exp for your death. So, if the tide starts to turn against you, just run. If they follow, pop your poison, and have them run through it. You'd be surprised how many people will keep following you through it, then go "oh ****!" turn around and have the DoT kill them. Some games, half of your kills can be from people simply running through your poison. I prefer to solo-lane, but sometimes you will have to have a partner. I'm not saying they'll get in the way (I mean sometimes they get those kills for you that you hate when the person runs away with 20 health, <3 lane partners) but if you run into a battle you can't win, sorry to say this partners, but leave them. It's better for 1 of you to die than both of you. Not only is it less exp and gold for your opponents, you're still there with your poison to push back their minions from the turret until your partner gets back. (This is where regen is, yet again, one of your best friends. Having it high enough, when you're below 5% health, by the time your partner runs back, you'll have over 50%) Ignore all the people calling you names for running. When you're the main force of your team, they'll change their tunes. Early game, run. Don't die. It's stupid to push yourself too hard.

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Take It Slow

What many people don't like, is that early game when you have a partner, they always rush and want to push hard. Don't. Let the enemy push to your tower. Once you have the regen, even early game, Singed is tanky enough to take a few hits. Run in to them, and fling one person back into the turret range, and if you have it, spray your adhesive on the spot you're standing, so when they try to run out of the turret range, they'll get slowed, giving the turret 1-2 more hits than usual. Push hard when you don't have anyone to fight, because you've killed them or they've backed. Just spray your poison on all the minions, and they'll drop like flies. When your opponents come back, let them kill of your minions, and just have them run through your poison (no one avoids it for some reason...even though when you get you ap up a bit, it deals 100-150 dmg per sec). Around mid game, you should have enough magic resist and armor to take hits and beat people to death. If you want to go for a kill in a 1v1 (and some cases I've done up to 3v1) just pop your ultimate and smack them around until they get low on health. When they start to run, turn on your poison, and I'm sure you know what comes next. Fling, adhesive on the spot you're standing, and keep smacking. Rinse and repeat, and they should drop without you losing too much health. Your regen will easily get you back up to full in 30 seconds or so. Late game, traveling in a group is your best friend. You'll be at the head of the pack with your movement speed, as well as able to catch any opponents who try to flee. Don't be afraid of a 3v1, you can take quite a few hits as long as you get out of there quick enough, which is why you have ghost and your ultimate. Run in, and fling the squishiest character of their little group back into your group and maul them. Make sure to run back out of the way of the others just in case. Rinse and repeat. If you ever get overwhelmed, that is what ghost and cleanse are for. You can easily escape almost any predicament, and with banshee's veil, even if they manage to catch you once with a stun, its effect will be cancelled and you can keep running.

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Singed is by far one of the best champions for solo-lanes. If you have a jungler on your team, let them jungle, and you can take whatever lane you want really. Just don't push to hard, and you'll be fine. Don't chase too often, because you'll open yourself up to ganks, as well as you'll have no minions to help protect you a little bit. Take it slow, and let them work to your turret. Don't hide your presence or anything, lure them in close. Just when they think they have you is your best friend. They'll chase you into turret range, or just before it. As soon as they do, fling them into the turret, and early game you'll get tons of kills. The main thing you have to be wary of is your own confidence. Over-extending is your worst enemy. Don't do it. Only late mid-late game would you want to over-extend a bit, cause then you can handle it. Take it slow in the beginning when solo-laning and you'll easily out-level your enemies in your lane by 4-5 levels, giving you easy opportunities to just run in, fling one of the two back, and destroy them, sometimes even without the turret.

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These are just what I use. I feel that these are completely open to whatever you feel are best. If you want to go with more dodge chance, feel free. These are just a reference for those who don't have any idea what they want on their singed. When you don't know how to used Singed too well, having the most armor/magic resist/health will be your best friend. Combining it with you move speed, you can easily get out of most situations with only a few minor scrapes and bruises.

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Obviously, Singed is a tank. Tanks don't do damage, we can agree on that right? They're meant to take a hit. That's why I set up with 21 on def, giving most points to things that reduce damage. Now, you might think "Oh, 2 less damage from minions/monsters, that's useless, why would I get that?" It's your choice, you don't have to get it if you don't want, but here's how I break it down. 2 less damage from every minion. Each minion will hit you for about 20 damage, so now you're only taking say 18. Each minion that targets you would hit you at least twice before it dies. So that's 4 less damage that you'd take. Each group of minions, probably two of them would target you. So that's 8 less damage. You see where I'm going with this, right? Probably by the time you've reached level 10, you've taken 3-400 less damage than you normally would have. That's just how I look at it. If you're better with more damage or something, go for it lol I'm not saying you shouldn't. This is just an insight to how things play out over long periods.

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Last Word of Advice

TAKE IT SLOW!!! I can't stress this enough. Don't get cocky, because you'll easily get yourself destroyed. The less deaths you have, the more kills you'll get, trust me. Don't be afraid to run away, even when your partner will die. 1 death is better than 2. As long as you take it slow, and are careful of your limits, you'll be the main force of your team. You'll also surprise most other Singed players. When you go Singed v Singed, I guarantee you'll come out the winner. Your hp regen will easily negate his poison, so just run through it, and beat him to death. And when he comes back for revenge to prove himself, hello feeding ^_^. Good luck fellow Singed, let's see if you can beat me ;)