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Lulu Build Guide by FwuffyMilk

Support You get a shield! You get a shield! Everybody gets a shield!

Support You get a shield! You get a shield! Everybody gets a shield!

Updated on April 18, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FwuffyMilk Build Guide By FwuffyMilk 17 0 28,425 Views 2 Comments
17 0 28,425 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FwuffyMilk Lulu Build Guide By FwuffyMilk Updated on April 18, 2019
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Runes: Powered up Shields

1 2
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band

Font of Life

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

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Champion Build Guide

You get a shield! You get a shield! Everybody gets a shield!

By FwuffyMilk
Hello you beautiful people, my name is FwuffyMilk and currently I am a Diamond 4 support main. I peaked diamond in season 5 but quit until near the end of season 8 and ready to kick some *** in season 9.

I love playing mage supports and feel like they are the superior choice in the current meta. If you want to ask me any questions or see how I play Lulu check me out on Twitch.

+ Great at peeling for her carries
+ Can play either safe or aggressive in lane
+ Shields
+ Ult can give your carries crucial time to do more dps
+ Enhanced Autos
+ Spells have a lot of utility
Lulu is a hyper carries best friend. She brings so much utility with her shields, point and click cc, speed boosts, and her ult can come in clutch when your carry is getting jumped by the enemy team. Lulu can poke from long ranges, and even has an enhanced auto because of her fairy!


- Squishy
- Her damage in lane is good but not at the level of mage supports like Brand and Zyra
- Using her skills effectively can be hard at first

IGNITE: Ignite is your bread and butter summoner spell. It gives you kill pressure, helps kill enemies escaping with low hp, and if you use ignite before they heal it will reduce the amount the heal does which is huge.
EXHAUST: Exhaust is a pretty weak summoner spell ever since they took out the attack speed reduction that it used to have. You could potentially take it if the enemy has a Rengar or Zed.
FLASH: Flash.. taken by pretty much every champion in the game. It helps you secure kills, escape ganks, make montage plays by dodging that CC ability the enemy is throwing at you, and much more. Always take it!
SORCERY Keystone: Summon Aery
// Summon Aery is the best keystone you can pick up in the Sorcery tree. Aery will damage enemies if you hit an enemy or give your allies a bigger shield if you use a skill on your team mates. Aery gives a shield if you use Whimsy too which is always nice.

SORCERY Second Line: Manaflow Band
// Take this rune for the second line in the sorcery tree. Every time you hit an opponent with a spell you gain 25 maximum mana up to 250 mana total. After you finish stacking the extra mana it will restore 1% of your missing mana per 5 seconds which is super useful since you will be casting a lot of spells as Lulu.

SORCERY Third Line: Celerity
// When it comes to the third line of the Sorcery tree you have many options. Celerity is a good choice because of how your Whimsy works. If you use it on yourself you will gain even more movespeed which can save you from many bad situations. It can also help you chase, kite enemies, get to lane quicker, and so much more.

SORCERY Third Line: Transcendence
// Transcendence is another good choice for the third line. It gives you 10% CDR at level 10 which is crucial for you as a support. More CDR means more shields, more ults, and more Whimsy. Also the great thing about this rune is that once you cap on CDR through items it will take the extra CDR and turn it into AP!

SORCERY Third Line: Absolute Focus
// Absolute Focus gives you bonus AP whenever you are over 70% hp. This powers up all your abilities and can be a great help especially during laning phase. If you feel like you are good at dodging and keeping your health up then this rune is great. At the end of the day the third line of sorcery gives you many options so pick what suits your play style the best.

SORCERY Last Line: Scorch
// Scorch is very good rune for the laning phase. When you hit an enemy with a spell you burn them for some extra damage. The damage it does isn't super high but still can make a difference in a early fight. Personally I feel like this rune falls off mid - late game but at that point you will be hitting opponents less and using your skills more for supporting team mates.

SORCERY Last Line: Gathering Storm
// Gathering Storm is a great scaling rune. You get more AP for every 10 minutes that passes in game. The bonus you get for a long game is HUGE, for a 40 minute game you get 80 AP. My issue with this rune is that until the 10 minute mark it essentially is useless while Scorch will be useful instantly. If you think you will play a passive laning phase then I can see why you would want this over Scorch

SORCERY Last Line: Waterwalking
// I personally don't take Waterwalking all that much but I can see the reason some people would use it. When you are walking in the river you get extra move speed and a boost to your AP. This can be great to quickly ward deeper in the enemies jungle and will help in a team fight over an objective like dragon/baron. You can't go wrong with any of the runes in the last line so choose what you think will compliment your play style.

RESOLVE Secondary Runes: Font of Life
// This is a great rune for Lulu for the simple fact that your Glitterlance and Wild Growth both impair enemy movement. When the enemy is impaired anyone attacking them (other then yourself) will get healed for 5 + 1% of your max hp.

RESOLVE Secondary Runes: Revitalize
// I love this rune, it makes your shield stronger and if your ally is below 40% hp it makes your shield even stronger! What else can I say this is a great rune for Lulu since you shield your allies a lot.

PIX, FAERIE COMPANION size (Passive): Your passive is the enhanced auto I was talking about. Every time you auto someone your fairy will hit that person to. If you shield an ally your fairy will move to them and auto attack with them, so if you put it on your ADC every time they auto your fairy will attack to and since they have so much attack speed your fairy damage can add up really fast. It can also help your ADC last hit under tower when they are to weak to 1 hit the caster minions.

The only issue, and its important to note, is that if something is in the way of the fairy auto it will hit the person or minion in front of them. So if you hit the enemy adc but there is a minion that separates them and you then the fairy attack will hit that minion instead.

GLITTERLANCE (Q): This skill is very useful for many reasons. Lulu fires two bolts at enemies slowing anything she hits and doing decent amount of damage. It is important to note that one of your bolts comes from you and one from your Pix, Faerie Companion. So if you have your shield on a minion or enemy you can hit them from pretty much any range. Also your fairy circles the person or enemy it is on so if you are trying to use Glitterlance on an enemy that has your fairy you have to aim it using your fairies position not yours.

WHIMSY (W): This skill is useful in so many situations, I will try to go over some of them. If Whimsy is used on an ally it gives them a speed buff and attack speed buff. So say you have a jungle rammus coming to gank you can speed him up to get to his target faster so he can taunt or if your ADC wants to trade or chase quickly you can put this on them. You can also Whimsy your ADC when they are hitting towers for the attack speed bonus giving them way more pushing power.

Now if you use this skill on an enemy it polymorphs them which slows them and silences them from using any abilities. That is why I feel like this skill takes practice and time to use effectively. You have to decide whether you want to use it as a CC ability or a buff.

HELP, PIX! (E): This skill is your shield but it has many interesting uses outside of just being a shield. It also does damage to enemies if you put it on them and it gives true sight so they can't go invisible when you have it on them. It also puts your fairy on the enemy so you can shield, run away, and then hit them with a Glitterlance. You can also use it to poke enemies who are playing very safe. You put your shield on a minion and then use the fairy to hit them with a Glitterlance. This skill also can help push minions fairly quickly. You put your shield on the first minion in the line as they are walking up and shoot your Glitterlance through them effectively hitting the entire wave of minions as its walking up.

WILD GROWTH (R): Your ult is very strong and can turn the tides of a fight instantly. When you put this on your ally they gain a big burst of hp and it slows all enemies next to them. It also knocks up enemies next to them which can negate some enemy champions skills. Like say a pantheon is about to jump on your ADC, you can hit your ADC with the ult while pantheon is mid jump and it will negate his skill entirely. Your ults knock up can also be very beneficial during a gank since you can use it on your jungler to give you guys more time to kill the target they are going for.

Eye of the Watchers

This is a must have as support. Wards are a very crucial thing in the game and can save your team from feeding their *** off. Remember the point of wards is to get vision on your enemies so where you place your wards is important. I suggest watching this video from bunnyfufu he gives a very good explanation of where to put wards in laning phase.

This is one of Lulu's core items. It gives AP, CDR, improves your shields, and gives an attack speed buff to anyone you shield or ult. It also gives the person you shield or ult an on hit damage effect which synergizes with your passive giving your adc a good amount of extra damage on every auto. Add Whimsy and your adc will be attacking so much faster.
Ardent Censer


Redemption is a great item for pretty much every support in the game. You get HP, CDR, and a 10% shield bonus. The active on the item is very long range and can even be used while you are dead! Redemption's active damages enemies for 10% max HP and heals allies inside the circle to, not to mention the heal is improved by increased healing you get from your items and runes.

This item is essentially a QSS that you use on your allies. Also the stats it gives is very nice. You get CDR, Magic Resist, and 20%!! bonus shield power. It is somewhat hard to use this item properly at first but once you get used to it you can change the tides of a lot of fights. Your ADC got hooked by thresh?? Crucible that ****.
Mikael's Crucible

Locket of the Iron Solari

I used to love this item because it gives you a good amount of tanky stats and if you pop the active it gives a shield to you and all surrounding allies. The issue is that even with the tank stats Lulu is still pretty squishy. The other issue is that the shield that it gives is tiny so I have started skipping this item and picking up Zeke's Convergence instead.

This item is what I have started picking up instead of Locket of the Iron Solari. It gives the same tanky stats with an additional 10% CDR. You put the conduit on your adc and when you ult them it gives them more damage and slows enemies around them even harder. If you hit one of the enemies next to them with a Glitterlance they will take 40 damage per second for 3 second and be slowed even harder.

Zeke's Convergence

Athene's Unholy Grail

This is an item you can replace Zeke's Convergence with. It gives you AP, CDR, and MR. The real interesting part of this item is the passive, when you damage enemies with spells you collect blood charges which is displayed on the item. When you shield your ally it heals them for the blood charges you saved up. If you are getting damage off safely in fights this item can be very beneficial.

How you play your laning phase as Lulu boils down to what ADC you have and what your ADC wants to do.

When you first come into lane help your ADC with pushing for level 2 by hitting the caster minions with some auto attacks. Use your E to either stop the enemy if they are trying to do any damage to you or your ADC or hit them with an E + Auto to chunk them for a decent amount of damage. If you guys hit level 2 first and push the enemy lane back a bit this is a great time to drop a ward in the river. Pay attention to your Jungler because he might need help with Scuttle Crab control and since you have priority you will be able to rotate much quicker then the enemy bot lane.

This is where you need to figure out your ADC game plan. If your ADC is trying to play a more passive farm lane then give them shields when they are about to get hit try to poke safely here and there and just keep your ADC safe. If your ADC wants to play a little more aggro you can try to use your shield on the enemy and hit them both with a Glitterlance. Using whimsy correctly can be a little hard, if you guys engage the enemy bot lane you can either use whimsy to stop the support from helping their ADC or give your ADC a boost to help them do more damage. You can also whimsy the ADC if they are someone like Draven which gives you guys more time to damage him before he can retaliate.

After level 6 your ability to protect your ADC goes way up. Also if your ADC is someone that benefits heavily from Ardent Censer, I would rush it ASAP to help them do way more damage.
When laning phase ends a lot of support players like roaming around the map trying to help their other team mates but they tend to neglect their ADC which is fundamentally very wrong especially as a support like Lulu. Your ADC without a support will just get run over so it is CRUCIAL to follow your ADC and protect them.

If you guys won laning phase, you and your ADC should swap to other lanes and help them destroy the towers in their lane. Make sure to stay on the side with objectives that are going to be contested. If you see dragon is about to be up ward around the area and push mid/bot with your ADC. If dragon is dead for a while then you and your ADC can go top/mid side to help contest rift/baron.

Remember protect your carry because that is what lulu does best~!
Thank you very much for checking out my guide! I hope it helps you win more games with this incredibly strong champion. I will be updating this guide regularly as I think of more things to add to it.
League of Legends Build Guide Author FwuffyMilk
FwuffyMilk Lulu Guide
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You get a shield! You get a shield! Everybody gets a shield!

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