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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thisismyownlyguidebuild

You never fail to amaze me

Thisismyownlyguidebuild Last updated on March 15, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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This is my first build i hope you like it ^-^. I have based this build on controlling the map and winning the team fights and early game all the way through late game tips. I also wrote this to ensure people know how to use kat and ensure they are not going to get yelled at by there team. I also based my items around ap so if you don't like going ap katarina this build is not for you. If you have realized i get a mejai's in my build don't go round saying im a snowball noob this is what i get for her and if you don' like it gtfo. So i also try to explain why i take these items ,summoner spells and masteries.

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I take flashand ghostfor quick escapes and for chasing.

Alternative summoner spells
.Teleportif you want to get to a quick team battle teleport is viable
.Igniteif you want early kills in the game this is the summoner spell for you.

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.Can solo against two people very easily4
.Great chasing / getting away ability's
. can drop people in two seconds
. has a great ultimate
.aimed in team fights alot
.Gets owned by stuns

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Early game - late game

In early game i start heading gown to my lane usually i would check the brush of who i am against if they are squishy you are fairly safe but if your a vs a xin zhoa and sion you will have to play it quite safe i usually just run around trying to get last hit's with my blade but if you can it's good to harass them ^-^ I usually stay around till i have enough for mejais but you can b when ever you feel like it. I usually stay until my tower is pushed then i go around ganking mid or top and bot if they need help but i always keep a close eye on my lane to see if they are going to try to push it. During mid game the team fights start to happen and this is where you get to show you stuff >:D when your tank starts the fight wait for everyone to start fighting so the attention isn't on you then throw your blade shunpo to the enemy closest to the center of the team fight a use your ult then just watch the kills and assists roll in. During late game you should just try to take the squishy people out first them if there team start to come just b straight away. If you are in a lane all by you self trying to push a tower care full if there are all Mia because most times there are preparing to gank you so just be aware of that.Or they may be trying to be doing baron so just let your team know if you think they are doing baron. So basically late game just win the team fights drop the squishy people push towers and make people ghost and flash away as soon as they spot you :D.

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Dominating your lane

What you are trying to aim for when you try to dominate your lane is to zone them back and not let them get any creep kills and if any one trys anything shifty just throw a dagger and shunpo so they to not try to hit you as well. When pushing always be care full of stuns and ganks from various enemy because it's better safe then sorry so before you push a tower check that all the enemy champions are in the right lanes. Also if you are vs a Sionand tarici suggest you aim Sion this is from experience but if you choose differently thats fine with me. Generally if you are vs 2 stuns in a lane you might just want to play it safer then usual. Lets say you are vs two squishy people like Annieand kennenthat is two stuns but there stuns charge up so it is a little different when playing against them in a lane generally you would have lane dominance.Last but not least stay inside your lane until you have pushed your tower i can't stress enough how important that is because when you do that then you can go off ganking and getting allot of kills.

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I start of with boots of speedand 3 health potions. I get boots of speed because i think i just a great starting item xD. then i get a mejai's soul stealerbecause most likely when you use your ultimate your going to hit allot of champions and kill them that = allot of stacks :D.Then i finish my sorcerer shoesthen get rylais rylaisis a must have for ap katarina because all of her ability's slow except for w of course gives health and i just love it because i like seeing them try to get out of my ultimate >:D. Then i get my rabadons when you start your rabadons death capyou would have a fair amount of ap and it's just a great ap item in general then i get an abyssal scepterfor those real tanky people like shen maplhite you get my point. Then i get a zhonyas hourglassgreat item gives you more durability and ap what else could you ask for :D. i usually never get to finish my build because they surrender most of the time.I tried to build it around ap obviously but if you think you can alternate my build to make it better in game then by all means go ahead and if you plain dont like this item build then don't use it simple.

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This is the end of my build i have basically told how i play katarina and i you don't like it then don't use it if you have tips of how i can improve them tell me and don't forget to comment if you liked it or not ^_^. Remember don't let the haters get to you they are the ones who are getting owned. Every champ is good only the player isn't so go dissing other champs have funn :D

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I go with a a 9/0/21 mastery build i take improved ghost and flash and you may have noticed i get preservance i only get it because i can't proceed to finish the 21 in utility with out getting it and it's purely for the health Regen and nothing more as long as you know that.I take basic 9 in offence. However if you want to take teleport just switch you flash for your teleport and take improved teleport instead of improved flash.

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Skill Sequence

I basically just max out bouncing blade and shunpo and getting my ult in between at lvl 13 i start killer instincts the reason why i do this is because i find it is a quite useless ability early game and i find i need as much damage as possible so thats why i don't get killer instincts until lvl 13 an onwards. If you think you need killer instincts then go ahead i really don't mind. I prefer my way but's it's up to you no one if forcing you not to get it.I like my because if you have a really aggressive laning partner you going to want to have as much damage as you can possibly get and if they have a jungler and he come in for the gank bouncing blade shunpo Wit send him running so thats why i choose to max out those to ability's

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Taking middle

Taking middle is fairly simple if you are vs some one like kennenOr karthusit is pretty easy im going to use karthus for the explanation with karthus he is basically skill shot and moving close to you but with your extra movement speed it's should be a breeze just harrass like a hoe until they finally get so fed up they call for ganks but overall you should have quite good laning dominace over a squishy carry like ashe,kennen,caitlyn,teemo,anivia,annie,lux,vladimirand many more