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Zed Build Guide by FinishThem

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author FinishThem

Zed is NOT DEAD! Season 4 Jungle Zed Guide

FinishThem Last updated on April 7, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello dear summoners! I am FinishThem, platinum player from Russia, currently playing at EU NE server and I am glad to introduce my guide to one of my favourite champions - Zed. Everybody knows how good he is at mid lane, being one of the best ad mid laners choices at game (among with Yasuo and, probably, Kha'Zix). Personally, I main 2 roles: jungle and support, and got some good stats on these positions. So, when I frist time played Zed at a mid lane, I was thinking about his power at the jungle and his early ganks potential. And, ofcourse, I checked it out IMMEDIATLY, and got satisfied by this experience, and all my thoughts and advices on how to play this amazing ad burst assasin at the jungle and carry your team - are below, at this guide.

(By the way, I deleted "Masteries", "Runes" and etc chapters, because I wrote everything at notes, so check them!!!)

So, Welcome!

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+ AMAZING damage early
+ Very good skillset
+ Good escape/Gap closer (w)
+ Good ganking potential due to permaslow (shadow's E + red buff)
+ Easily snowballing and becomes A MONSTER at the late/mid game
+ Jukes all the way!


- Very squishy
- Got very bad sustain till you will buy lizard
- Skillshot depending
- Highly focused
- Always should think about possible ways to juke your enemy
- Need lots of gold

Overall, he is type of very popular nowdays junglers with very high ganing potential due. By the way, his amazing passive (Contempt For The Weak) is simply amazing!!! Less health they got - more damage you will do with your AAs.

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The Game

Well, first of all I highly reccomend to you to start with blue almost in any cases, cause zed is highly depends on energy regeneration for better jungle clear (spamming E is necessary).

So, your jungle road should be like that: Blue -> Wolves/Wraiths -> Red -> Gank mid lane.

Why do I ask you to gank mid lane always? Cause in the most cases mid laners are squishy -> easy to kill. Moreover it, Zed haven't got long enough range on his W to transport himself on big distances, so It can be ganking top lane a bit harder early on, till you will get your second point at E.

Don't forget to max your E, cause it is your main source of CC, camps clear and damage.

So, game's phases are...

Early game
During this phase you should run from one lane to the other one and ganks as much as it will be available! Don't forget to clear your camps while your comrades outpushing their lanes.
And don't try to go counterjungle enemy early, you will be able to do this at mid game, but for now you are too weak and squishy for this kind of moves!

Be aware of counterjungling from enemies' jungler if they got good counterjungler tho (such as Shaco, Rengar and etc).
Always place yellow trinket at the bushes behind your red, then check bushes that are to the left of red. If everything is clear - start red. If you 100% sure that nobody will come, then you can use your smite on red immediatly to let your passive come out faster :)

Mid Game
Well, at this moment you already have to got your Brutalizer and Lizard. Now you got some dmg son! Start to be aggressive, pick squishy enemies and kill them ASAP. Your key, as an every assasin's key, is to kill their APC/ADC and get out of place of crime as fast, as you can.

Use your R->E->Q->AA combo, then R again to come back to your shadow.

Late Game
From now you are a real death for almost every adc/apc. But be aware, your enemies got some damaging/defensive items too, so that's means that they will be able to kill you very fast too, or survive your full procast.
So, your mission at this part of game - to be alive and do as much damage as you can. That's easy to say, but VERY hard to perform.
Also, don't forget to look at your enemies' items. If their apc, f/e, got Zhonya's, then force them to use it until you start you ulti, because it completely nulifies it :(

And teamwork is the main thing there - don't sucide and go 1 v 5 to just try to kill squishy target, because they will simply CC you and kill you.

That's it for now, thanks for reading, I will come back to this guide and put more work to make it better! <3