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Vayne General Guide by Zeql

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zeql

Zeql's Vayne

Zeql Last updated on March 1, 2014
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Updated V1.1

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This is my guide for Vayne. I know very well that I am not the best player out there, and I don't claim to be either but I do believe that I am a very good player, especially when I am playing Vayne. I find that I have quite good mechanics on her and can outplay a lot of players, and I can win a lot of lanes which others would consider impossible such as winning a Vayne vs Caitlyn lane or Vayne vs Tristana lane. I will try to explain at the best of my ability in this guide on how to accomplish these kinds of things.

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage

Greater Mark of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Life Steal

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage
Running 4 AD marks and 5 Attack Speed marks gives you average AD but an increase of attack speed on Vayne allows you to output more auto-attacks which will be useful when wanting to proc your Silver Bolts [W]. 9 Seals or armour are usual for most champs and are almost essential on ADC's. 9 Glyph's or MR allow for some MR for the late game or Mid/Jungle Roams dependent on the champion being played, also a lot of supports such as: Annie/ Lux/ Nidalee your MR Glyph's also allow them to do less damage during the laning phase. 2 Lifesteal Quint's and 1 AD Quint gives you enough AD to compensate having only 4 AD marks and 1 Quint and then the Lifesteal Quint's allow you to sustain in the early laning phase. It also does help during the late game aswell.

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21-9-0 masteries are fairly standard on an ADC, you could however use 21-0-9 and get the Culinary Master (the health pots to biscuits) which would allow you to have more sustain slightly but you would however lose out on a lot of defensive attributes.

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Starting with Doran's Blade and 1 Health Potion is just basic ADC start. The first item you want to get is Blade of the Ruined King. the reason to this is just because this item is just so dominant on Vayne. it gives you +25 AD, +15% Lifesteal and +40% attack speed, aswell as those base stats it provides a unique passive which deals 5% of the enemy's current health (max 60 dmg vs monsters) which can be very strong VS tanks which you will be kiting a lot during late game. The unique active on the BOTRK steals 15% of the targets maximum health and steals 30% of the targets movement speed. After you have the BOTRK how i like to play is get the Berserker's Greaves due to very little movespeed with 21-9-0 masteries and vayne's movespeed is mostly gained from her passive (when she is walking towards and enemy champion she has vision of and within 2000 units, then i will get a Zeal and build my Last Whisper unless i see that they haven't built much armour or I am still doing a lot of laning then i would instead build zeal into a Phantom Dancer before going for Last Whisper. by the time I have finished my Last Whisper my team is most likely teamfighting at this is the point where the build can vary every game. If you are against a team that can engage and get to you easily and CC you down then you should definately get a Guardian Angel and then go for the Frozen Mallet. This provides a lot of tank but still being able to apply a lot of damage, however if you instead are not getting focused by there team then its worth getting either an extra phantom dancer or an Infinity Edge. personally i would get a 2nd Phantom Dancer because i find that attack speed vayne is just so strong, and the kiting potential is increased. If you have gone this way of getting the extra offensive item then you should get the Frozen Mallet as your last item because you will be able to kite them and apply the slow aswell.

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Laning phase

During the Laning phase it's very hard to be able to do a lot to your opponents as anyone who knows what vayne's downsides will try to abuse that and vayne's biggest downside is her range. She has an auto-attack range of 550, if you compare that to your biggest counter Caitlyn vayne's auto-attack range is shorter than Caitlyn's by 100. There is only 2 ways to beat your opponents during the laning phase, one of these ways is quite simple and that is to have your jungler come for either; an early tower dive, or too simply camp your lane. The other way to win your lane is to have a support that will be used for "hard engage" what this means is that you need a support than can easily lock down the enemy ADC so that you can output a large sum of damage onto them. Some great supports that can do this are: Thresh/ Blitzcrank/ Leona. You can also do the same with Annie but due to current meta I believe that Annie just isn't tanky enough to survive poke from the enemy ADC.

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Pros / Cons

The Pro's of Vayne include her most obvious one is that she is a "hyper carry" meaning that if she can get a lot of farm and a few kills and begin to snowball, she will be extremely hard to shutdown vs a contempt team that can peel and focus. Other pro's of vayne are that if you can learn how her mechanics can be used you can create some very nice plays, what I mean by this is that if you can Tumble [Q] in the right directions and Condemn [E] into the right places and can kite quite comfortably then you will be very dominant with vayne. Due to her ult Final Hour [R] and her Tumble [Q] during Final Hour [R], vayne becomes stealthed for 1 second. this can give you a lot of time to set up a condemn into a wall applying a stun which gives your 2-3 basic attacks during stun which will deal masses amount of damage and if you have Blade of the Ruined King you will be able to steal their movespeed so that even if they Flash/ Ghost or use an ability to get away you should be able to catch with a 30% movespeed steal and your passive Night Hunter of +30 movespeed when walking towards a visible enemy champion. The con's to vayne are simply her auto-attack range, having the lowest auto-attack range of all the ADC's it makes it very hard to do well when you first come to playing champions you are not use too. Also being against a team that can engage on you quite simply or having a team that cannot protect/peel for you it's makes it near impossible to win.

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Team Work

For vayne you need a large amount of teamwork. You need a team that can use any kind of CC to get the enemy away from you (peeling) if you have a team that has very little CC you will find it hard to deal with the enemy due to them having no troubles being able to get through your team to get to you. If you do however have a team filled with 3 tanks an ADC and an assassin (this being my personal favorite team composition) it works so well. You can have your assassin such as a mid Akali jump straight into the backline of your enemy and jump onto their ADC, you can then have your 3 tanks protect you while making it near impossible for them to do anything with them losing their main damage dealer so early within the teamfight.

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Unique Skills

A few things that I've learnt about vayne that can help you a lot is that if you are able to get 2 auto-attacks off and you are above level 3-4 so that you have your Silver Bolts [W] then for your 3rd stack on it you can simply Tumble [Q] towards them and your auto-attack will reset leading to an instant auto-attack. this auto-attack will not only proc the Silver Bolts [W] but will also deal more damage because of the bonus damage from your Tumble [Q]. you can also use this at level 1 trades aswell but without the proc of the Silver Bolts [W], what you can simply do is just auto-attack, Tumble [Q], auto-attack. this provides you with 2 basic attacks (one dealing bonus damage) in the time that most ADC's will only be able to trade with 1 basic attack.

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Vayne can be a extremely dominating ADC, in my opinion the most dominant but you have to know how she works, what you need to consider, what kind of team you need to have and what kind of play style you have. If you want to learn how to play vayne you will need to put a lot of time practicing and learning how you wish to play her and learning how her mechanics can be used for you.
You can check my profile for my stream link where I will be playing Vayne a lot of the time during my stream's and will try to teach and answer anyone's questions.
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