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Zilean Build Guide by Arnatuil

Zilean AP, Bombing Bots

Zilean AP, Bombing Bots

Updated on September 7, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arnatuil Build Guide By Arnatuil 11,820 Views 2 Comments
11,820 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Arnatuil Zilean Build Guide By Arnatuil Updated on September 7, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


LoL Summoner Spell: Clarity


Introduction; WORK IN PROGRESS

I love Zilean. He's my favorite character and have played him dozens of times.

To the point.
There are multiple choices you need to make. Seeing I haven't seen a VS AI build I'll put that text in BOLT.
Other important info or "tags" will be underlined
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Skill Sequence

You want to max out your bomb as fast as possible. Everyone knows that Zilean = double Time Bomb. That's why I make that posible asap and then I upgrade the damage as fast as possible. For more info see: _Using the Bomb_.

I take on level 4 because around that time you need to go back and buy yourself some items. When I then leave the base I Time Wrap and Rewind so to get a fast start back into lane. Also note that you can use Time Wrap to slow the enemy to Double Bomb him. I try to do this as less often as posible because it uses more mana then the dmg of your extra auto-attack is worth.

When you have a nice lane partner or have a fast communication system you can use Time Wrap to prevent a champion from getting away from a gank.

I rather go AP then cooldown reduction because sometimes you dont get to plant the second bomb. Also high dmg of your bomb will give easier kills with lower risc of dying. This is so because you can harres a target till you can kill him with the second bomb while he is running back to the base.(just like with Ignite)

Here I want to note that Zilean's pasive should let your team get to level 18 faster. When playing VS players it always seems like I get better as the game progresses and only end-game my Zilean gets to be awesome.
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I think going into Offence is the low account-level best choice.

IMPORTANT: You should either Burning Embers or Archaic Knowledge.

Ignite Choice:"Even though 10 AP will be small help it is very nice in early game: You (slow if target is just in range) bomb, rewind, Ignite and bomb again.
Then you will have done: 100+50(true dmg) + 20*at least 3( or higher level)(in 5sec)+ 109(after 4sec) dmg plus your auto-attack(s). --> 319+auto attack which is a lot for a lvl 3 in 5 seconds if you ask me.
Going for Archaic Knowledge will help your spells do more dmg with less burst.
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If you go VS AI buy Mejai's either befor or after Catalyst of the Protector. You should way this choise with your kill-ration early game. Your kill-ratio is also increased by Ignite.
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Summoner Spells

With my level 1 account I took aka Heal and aka Teleport
At level 6 you replace either with aka Clarity.
The choice is: longer living and because of that longer in lane or faster back into lane and more spread across the map. So what ever suits you. If you chose Heal you might want to get .
You will need Clarity for mana. If you dont want this spell: Look for a Archangel's Staff build.

At level 7
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I want to thank Lexodia who invited me and Mikus/Dystopia for playing League of Legends with me.

You two rock and stuff =D

Anyway time to sleep now. I'll try to update more soon.
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Using your bomb.

Repeating: Everyone knows that Zilean = double bomb. You want to max out your bomb as fast as possible.
That's why I make that posible asap and then I upgrade the damage as fast as possible.

Useage 1: When the enemy Champion near the minions you can press Time Bomb(Q) and then click the enemy. You will automaticly walk over to him and place the bomb ASAP. You then Rewind and Q-click him again.
Important an AI does not realise he's being attacked untill he takes (significant) damage. When playing VS Players it might be wise to use Time Wrap to make sure you can also place the second bomb.

Useage 2: After both minion waves have clashed: Put 1 bomb on the middle melee minions and 1 on the middle mage minions then auto-attack all 3 of the mages within 4 seconds so to get the money without worrying about last hitting.
This will help you push the lane significantly and should get you about 80 gold per time(wild guess)

Useage 3: You put 1 bomb on each champion you face in TOP or BOT lane. Spreading damage can be wise in certain cases.

Useage 4: When co-oping with a fast character you can Time Wrap and Time Bomb a ally champion to help his burst damage when he gets in range of the enemy.
I recommand doing this on Rammus somewhat after he uses Powerball.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Arnatuil
Arnatuil Zilean Guide
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Zilean AP, Bombing Bots

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