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Zilean Build Guide by Neil

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neil

Zilean: AP support

Neil Last updated on September 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Welcome to my Guide about Zilean The Chronokeeper. He is a support charater, and that makes people think he can't get any kills Bzzt! WRONG! If he is played correctly, he can turn into a major game changer, and kill some people in the process. I have seen other guides with similar builds, but they miss some major aspects of playing zilean, so I made this guide to clear things up.

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Some Terms I use

MP= Magic Penetration
AP= Ability Power
CC= Crowd Control
HP= Hit points

Poke= To quickly attack (1-2 basic attacks, 1-2 abilities) then retreat to avoid true confrontation

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Pros and Cons

Deceptive Range
Very nice AP ratio (.09 damage with time bomb) (2.0 healing with Chrono Shift)
Nice escape ablilities
Low Cooldowns and an ability to keep them lower
Good Farming potential (with Time Bomb)
Great at poking

Not as effective solo
mana hungry before Rod of Ages and Morello's Evil Tome

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Many people go all AP and MP, but I chose AP and some Mana Regen. this synergizes fairly well with Meditation to sustain a lane with your teammate(s)

When asked why I go Mana Regen, It would rather get another time bomb in than get some extra damage on it.

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Most Masteries I chose are pretty self-expanitory, such as Archmage's Savvy but here are some FAQ's

Q: Why Good Hands? You have a self ressurection!
A: Well, we need to get down the tree. The Perseverence bonus is miniscule. If you have 100 mana or health regen, you get 4 extra regen! YAY! Unfortunatly, not many of us have 100 regen.

The other two are for summoner spells that I don't use so spending points in them is USELESS.

Q: Greed vs Utility Mastery Why greed?
Zilean is not a jungler, simple as that.

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nice mana regen, AP, and trust me, going in with 451 health is a death waiting to happen

These provide a nice Cooldown Reduction for zilean, letting time bombs be popped more often.

catalyst the protector
This starts solving mana problems, and building rod of ages

Solves almost all of your mana problems, adds a buff that grows over time. Buy it fast.

This is where your role of support starts to shine. It also makes you extremley sustainable with its nice spell vamp. Also, nice ability power. This is what makes my guide a support. If you really don't like it... that sucks.

Your Bombs will now hit like a truck. It's all AP, and great to make you even deadlier.

It clears up any mana problems. Plain and simple. Also, it has ability power and Cooldown Reduction.

You will murder people's health. Plain and simple.

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Skill Sequence

Time Bomb> Time Warp> Rewind with Chronoshift when possible.
Now before you run right to the comments box to complain, let me go into detail.
For the first three levels, you get time bomb, rewind, then time warp. You then max out time bomb. Go onto maxing out time warp. Then Max out rewind. GET CHRONO SHIFT WHENEVER YOU CAN!!

Time Bomb: Puts a bomb on an enemy. It is your damage ability. if anybody says you will get kills and not max this out first, they are stupid. It is used in a combo with rewind to deal a large amount of damage. UNfortunatly, it costs a large bit of mana at first.

Rewind: takes 10 secs off your abilities. This is one of the more underused abilities. Popped your ulti? you better be using this a lot then. Running and you time warp stopped? Rewind. It has a paticularly useful combo with time bomb. Hit a bomb on sombody, rewind, then do it again.

Time Warp It is one of the most useful movement speed abilities in the game. hit a friend, the move faster. hit an enemy, the move slower. Must I say more?

Chronoshift Ressurects you when you die, and without counting as a death, it is like a get out of jail card. Just remember that it costs mana, and it only works if it is on you and lasts a short while on you. In short words, the ressurection is permanent while the buff is short. IT WORKS ON FRIENDLY CHAMPIONS TWO!!

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Team Fights

Team fights start out simple, but then get's complicated during the very end when people start dieng/running. For the start of team fights, time bomb/auto attack enemies. Here is an order of importance that I use for who to attack.

Obviously the guy who decides it's time to kill you goes first but that's common sense
1. Objective.Overfed guys, sombody the team pointed out.
2. Squishies. Not a lotta health but high damage.
3. Carries/DPS. People in the middle.
4. Tanks. Time Warp them and take them last.
6. Minions. Noobs.

Then, **** gets real. People start dieng, and the fight gets complicated.
What to do, what to do. If they start running, hit a time warp on one of your teammates who's chasing them. they will catch them.

If you have to run away, time warp you friend, rewind, then timewarp yourself. Run!

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Thanks for viewing my guide for Zilean. If you like it, thumbs up. if you don't please tell me why so I can fix it. Don't be an idiot troll *cough* Trundle