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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skillless

Zilean - God of cooldowns

Skillless Last updated on May 1, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Rank Order
Your main damaging skill is Time Bomb, make sure you always have it maxed for maximum damage output. Ofcourse you level up Chrono Shift whenever you can, because its the skill that saves lives and can turn the tide in a team fight. After those two, you have Rewind and Time Warp left.
Maxing out rewind before time warp enables you to use your skills as much as possible, but you will want one or two points in Time Warp, because time warp is great for catching enemies, and saving your allies' ***es.

Skill Use
Once you have stable mana regeneration, rewind maxed, and your -40% on cooldowns, you are the master of time. you can be immortal, your rewind skill will have a 3,6 second cooldown.

-10 second cooldown for all your skills, how epic is that?
Well its not epic on level 1, but on level 5, with maximum cooldown reduction, it is. This skill is very important to keep using if you have the mana to do it, its like an addiction, it makes you twice, or even more, as effective.

Time Warp
This will grant you a permanent 55% speed boost if used with rewind and maximum cooldown reduction, noone will be able to catch you, and if they can, slow them with time warp, rewind, and use it on yourself, for a second your enemy will be 55% slowed, and you will be 55% faster. Just half a second is all you need to escape. You can save others' lives with this, and also choose to kill people with it if you keep them slowed.

Time Bomb
This just kills people harp, minions and creeps alike, its great for doing damage and even greater for her***ing because Time Bomb has quite a nice range, and early game, 100 AoE damage is pretty nice, people have to dodge the unit with the bomb, and in a 5 vs 5 mid game fight, most people wont even notice the bombs, and face severe AoE damage.

Time Bomb & Time Warp
This will use up your mana quick, but will ensure a kill, most champions cant escape from this, and it can deal huge damage in a short time.

Chrono Shift
So you just saved someones *** with Chrono Shift? Keep casting rewind
With maximum cooldown reduction, Chrono Shifts cooldown will be 84 seconds.
When you keep using Rewind, from the moment youve cast Chrono shift, the real cooldown of Chrono Shift will be 21,6 seconds(with rewind ready to cast). When i played the Chronokeeper at first i didnt even realize that Chrono Shift was ready again during fight, it had already coolded down, i couldve saved another person. So remember to keep using rewind, and watch those cooldowns.
However you must choose wisely who lives or dies. You cannot "waste" your chrono shift on someone who you know will die again within (a maximum of)21,6 seconds without doing anything productive (e.g. kill enemies)

They give you 9% reduced cooldowns, this, together with runes, results in 24.12% reduced cooldowns on level 18. This means you dont HAVE to buy multiple cooldown reducing items to max out your cooldowns. Also, the +30% duration of monster buffs helps alot, because when zilean has a golem buff, that is very very nice.
Also the masteries add some other very useful small bonuses like usually masteries do.

Summoner Spells
Flash helps you escape if Time Warp isnt enough for you, clarity helps alot early game because you can run out of mana very fast.
As zilean you are quite free to choose summoner spells, heal can also be used instead of clarity if you feel your mana regeneration is high enough.

Go for Tear of the Goddess as soon as possible, its great for increasing your mana cap, and Zilean will cast alot of spells. Also it is an ingredient for the next item, Archangel's Staff, with this your mana regeneration will be alot bigger, it might be hard working up to this item in the beginning, but thats what Clarity is for.

After that, go for Mejai's Soulstealer or Chalice of Harmony, if you feel like you need to keep spamming all of your skills, choose the Chalice, if you need more AP and want to go out and kill people for even more, choose the Soulstealer.

Next, Fiendish Codex, wich builds Deathfire Grasp, Deathfire helps alot for killing people, adds AP, and maxes out your cooldown reduction, all at once. Great to have.

Finally, get a pair of boots, it depends on the situation wich you should choose, so its up to you. Why the boots so late? because youre "already there", no boots can match time warp, however if you feel time warp is not enough, you should at least get boots of speed earlier. To fill your inventory grab a Blasing Wand or an Amplifying Tome, to eventually build a Void Staff. If after all those expensive items you still have too much money, go for Zhonya's Ring or a Guardian Angel and sell your chalice of Harmony, and remember that you still have Clarity.

Thanks for reading, also, if you think something could be better, please tell me in the comments section and i might actually change stuff. ^^