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Shaco Build Guide by ZixtY

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ZixtY

ZixtY Shaco AP Style

ZixtY Last updated on November 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My First Guide, Please Be Nice On Comments :)

Shaco is a very flexible champion, Shaco is the best ganker of times and the best escape artist.
I don't recall even once that anybody has chased me down while being Shaco, my deaths accur at the times when i towerdive or go 1v5 :)

Shaco is VERY squishy and is made for (AD) divings, nuking, raping..

For (AP) there is to put boxes in a bush, stack them or spread them allover an area and lure enemies into the trap.. If enemy know that you got boxes stacked and refuse to follow you into the brush then do the following:
1. Throw Shiv and harass them, you have nothing to loose!
2. Get low on hp, use clone and bait them!

I've personally mained Shaco for 1 year, 9 months AD and 3 months AP. I have got a AD build if you would like to give it a shot but now were here!

In the AP games i normally get about 20-2-x in stats,
in AD its a few more deaths 20-5-x because you have to dive more and take risks.
So i know what im talking about as a lvl 30!

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I use magic pen (Mark's/Quin) for standing a chance if someone grabs magic resist in the very beginning. With the void staff ill have around 95% armor pen in the end of game. If theres no tank i simply swap the voidstaff for something like Warlogs Armor to make me endure some hits.

I use flat dodge (Seal's), many of you may say that it's the most stupid thing ever but those 7% have saved me a infinite number of times!

I use flat CDR (Glyph's), you will gain about 7% in the CDR, with masteries you start with 13-15% in CDR and that WILL help you, the decieve is a 9 sec CD after stealth is broken and with the Morello's & Blue buff you will gain about 37% CDR, at lvl 7!
9x0.37 = 3,33 -> 9-3.33 = 5.77 sec in the new value of CD for your decieve, those 3 seconds have also saved me infinite number of times you won't regret it, its much better than some stupid 40 hp..

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I start of with some manaregen for be able to spam the JITB's in the beginning of the fights, if the opponents are agressive just set boxes every chance given and it will give u 2 kills.

Make it into a Morello's for CDR, manareg and some AP. You can in lategame swap it for another item but it's the best for early gameplay.

The Boots of Mobility are essential since they give you speed, your going to be ganking every chance you got, run to the blue every chance given and those boots are perfect since you have got your magic pen and are hiding for the nuke.

The Rylai's Crystal Scepter is very important to gain as soon as possible - they slow you opponents with your JITB's and give your JITB's one more hit before they run away of range! You get HP and become somewhat more survivable and them sweet AP :)

The Lich Bane is aquired after the Rylai's Crystal Scepter since you get your AP as bonus dmg for your next autoattack then it would be smart to aquire some AP first, dontcha agree? :D

The Rabadon's Deathcap, do i really have to explain why this is a ****ing OP item? Well, it gives you bonus AP that will rape you enemies, give you Lich Bane a boost and so on, so on..

The Void Staff is bought in lategame, since you target the squishy carries on the opponents side you dont have to face a fking Rammus, the Void staff is alternate for extra AP and magic pen but you can swap it for other AP items or Warlog's Armor for more survivability, the same way goes for the Morello's since its not essential in lategame!

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Skill Sequence

I always get W first, rush blue with the Mana Pendant and stack some boxes, you will hit lvl 2. And attack the smaller creeps then run away so you avoid being hit from the blue golem. While your boxes are killing the blue golem seta box behind the minor ones and start attacking them, loosing no hp!

Then get e, for stacking boxes and harassing - forcing them to follow you into brush. With the blue buff you can spamm your abilities like an idiot!

Then of course q, the decieve is always necessary in every way!

Max W for its your main killing ability followed by E, R & last Q

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Summoner Spells

I have chosen the Flash and Ignite since the ignite is always good for fleeing enemies, against Swain and Fiddle.
The Flash is for double escaping, ganking ex. Decieve in, ignite someone (The decieve will not break!), 2 shiv and flash out (in cases when theyr like 3 in the lane and you found a low hp target).

You can change theese summoner spells, its up to the taste but ABSOLUTELY NOT Clarity since we get the Blue Buff and our Mana Pendant for that mana ****..

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Many of you think that Shaco is an absolute jungler but no, sometimes when i play with players that cant solo i go AP Shaco, lane and **** some enemies up!

In the lane you want to put boxes behind enemy minions to make them back of, you can farm free and always go get blue when avalible! If the enemies is really really agressive and are harassing you then simply put boxes at minions, you will get either 2 minion kills or ge some nice damage on the enemies.

The jungling part is only for the AD Shaco (You caaaaaan do it with AP but you will have to wait at least 30 seconds for stackin 3 boxes -.-((and the nuking part will be harder))

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The ganking part is why we love Shaco :)
I usually gank with AD but if your going AP you have got to be smart, luring you enemies into the traps or just 2 shiv them and KS your friends :)

I use the Boots of Mobility for ganking, mobility and blue buff. To be fast from a point to a point in need of help, to a possible gank!

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Shacos Job

Shacos job is to be as annoying and frustrating as possible. When you got your 20 kill streak then the enemies will do EVERYTHING just to kill you, luckily you have got your 10 boxes stacked ;) This have led me to several pentas, no problems.. You job as shaco is to nuke, kill and annoy since when your annoying them and harassing with your text like "Im kind of hungry, lets get fed some more" and **** like that will drive your enemies insane so just stack boxes, clone and get all their CC, Stun and Slows on CD and just 2 shiv them, they will follow you in the brush while you can get some vaseline and do your thing ehehe ;)

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Im playing in EU Nordic & East, in search of clan and live in Sweden.
This is my first guide, i made it in 1 hour or so, so it is'nt polished, be nice on me :3
Add me if you want - ZixtY - Eu East, Nordic! IN SEARCH OF CLAAAAAN :)
I have got 50 videos/games when i got 20-2-x with Shaco in both AD and AP but i havnt uploaded them to my Youtube account yet, my editing skills sux :P
Please subscribe, i wont dissapoint you!
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Contact me -

//Thanks, hope i helped. Im up for adopting a noob, Mentoring any time!