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Zyra Build Guide by Topaz Eyes

AP Carry Zyra Complete Guide

By Topaz Eyes | Updated on November 14, 2012

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This is the way i build zyra, i hope you like it,also give me some feedback if you disagree

so what this build is about?
its about dominating mid game,and winning fights lategame

EDIT; same as with most other builds,DFG nerfed,and i have to remove it

"with zyra its impossible to lose mid game - except if your bad" (reginald)

ok,so lets move on to build and gameplay
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The Build

so,i usually rush kage's lucky pick and boots,and deathcap after,
i build that only when i got neutral or bad earlygame
(jungler giving kills,getting her***ed,lower cs), because with zyra,its all about mid game

in case i get fed, i just rush deathcap and get kage's pick later, also dont forget
if you rush deathcap ,elixir of fortitude would improve your preformance slightly

Topaz why do you like rylai on most champs so hard?

-i dont like hp/lv seals
-i dont like to build roa (its costy and bad)
-it gives you slow

i never go for that "sustain" because i you get hit or caught too much,its just bad, + most champs i play i know how to use,so i do good trades.

so next thing - ABBYSAL SCEPTOR (DFG Replacement)
so,it switches with DFG,the trick to this item,is to stand in range with your plants and maybe skills to deal extra damage

so next thing,if you get caught and your team is nearby, use zhonyas,for max op, and in teamfights,many people fail to react good enough on zhonyas, so sometimes i just use my skills while they get to me,i zhonya, flash over the wall and use skills again.

completely breaking up their focus and chances for kills

Athene's unholy grail is really good since you shouldnt get too much in contact with enemy ap's as well as it gives you OP mana, i wouldnt count it as the usual build, but i really like it on zyra
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Early Game

first thing people would think of arguing about may be my skill sequence

"topaz,why do ou take w instead of e on lv2?!"
i usualy want to ask jungler wheater he is going to /not going to gank my lane soon, depending on that,i take w or e

why do i think w is better?
simple, clean backrow while poking enemy mid player,its really annoying if you want to lasthit with plants shooting you

ok,so how do i start earlygame'

zyra has incredible burst with q and its nearly impossible to outlane her
iven if enemy plays passively he wil probally take few hits

so when i hit about lvl 5-7 i recall to grab kages pick,ward and few pots
when i get back to my lane,i push it,and ward enemy wraiths 1st chance i have
i usually even take them after (when enemy gives blue to mid), and i take my blue after

after that ,i just try to kite enemy mid player over the wall, or prepare gank for enemy jungler, sometimes i push lane and gank top.

also,look out, if your ad carry kills bot you should hurry up and take the drake with your team, because its higher priority

also as a bonus to all new mid players reading this;
with zyra its really easy to take out your or enemy wraiths, over the wall
w+q,in early levels (3-5) you may need w+q+e, useful with blue buff only
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Teamfights and Lategame

how should you fight with zyra?
simple,try to catch careless ad carrys or supports (if theyr bad) with your e to force fights, or just get some kills.

when yours or enemy team engages ,make sure you dont go in too far,try to stannd a little ahead of your ad carry or behind him, use e to prevent dives,and make 2 plants with your q+w before using ult.

once your team gets advantege decide with team if your either going for inhibitor or baron

if you have some space you should ALWAYS buy wards, becuse your support needs items too
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if you liked my guide and build,you can check out my forum post
you can find a link of my yt and fb there

like share subscribe,and upvote me on forums;
League of Legends Build Guide Author Topaz Eyes
Topaz Eyes Zyra Guide

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Zyra Complete Guide

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