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Zyra Build Guide by Begformymercy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Begformymercy

Zyra, Venus Fly Trap, Never saw it coming

Begformymercy Last updated on August 6, 2012
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Intro, Why I chose this

This is my very first attempt to making a guide. The reason I made this guide is because I've tried the other Zyra guides and Made this conclusion. She is squishy and to have the "jump" on groups of 5 or even 1v1, magic resist is a must. She starts with almost none... Also You want alot of magic penetration with a lot of ability power. Well You'll have over 795 AP, plenty for your AOE, Also a good amount of defense to take some damage along the way. Mana is easy to sustain early game and late game with clarity, saves you some runes and items. Ignite is amazing for stopping people from running and the true damage. You need seeds faster in game, so putting points in it last from leveling isn't the best option, your plants deal a lot of damage from your fighting.

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Zyra requires alot of patience

Basically starting out you want to use your main attack in Mid of course. Then you dodge any attacks while you wait until you get to level 2. Doing your q without any seed is useless. It wastes mana and doesn't do enough damage. So when your level 2 you should get a seed ability. This is when you start your harass. Basically you use your basic attack on minions and hit the q button and hover it just outside your border, when the enemy is coming to poke you, drop your q then hit your w for your seed. Bam 25%- 40% of their health will be gone, do this twice and then you can go in with your ignite and finish or play passively until you get your 1600 gold. Just play with this main poke until you get the gold and avoid any attacks. Learn how other mid's play basically mids like Ahri have linear attacks, and similarly so does Lux, but they aren't all the same.

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While you are doing your lane, Play unpredictable

When your doing mid, Zyra clears Fast. So what you do is disappear and clear out the wraiths, sometimes go back and do wolves too and then show up again. What happens is you get more exp and gold, and you have time to hold your lane. This is the trick about it too. While the enemy team is saying Mid MIA, his team might back off and give your teammates a little advantage to farm. Also he will be crying wolf alot!

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Nuke Clean up

Zyra is not a tank. I know it sounds funny saying that when some of the gear I have is Tanky, but the point is you can take a punch. People will most likely target you. Zyra has to show up 2nd in a fight, or 3rd. Depends on how you play. She has to be in a bush or catching the whole enemy team fighting your team. You gotta show up behind them or just figure out how to get in a good spot without being seen. She can show up with Q AND W, Follow with R E and W. for the finish. That is when you can get all 5 enemies are grouped up on your tank. If Zyra plays like this with a tank that devotes himself to actually tanking and getting aggro. Zyra will give your team the win. Obviously there is other ways to use Zyra too. Using this build you can also initiate when your team is falling behind and basically suck.
You run in with e and w to stop them. q and w and R
You might die, even then you can get 1 kill at least with your passive depends on who your playing against. hopefully your team is like OH man clean up time rock on! Zyra can be used aggressively or passive your choice.

Sorry this is my first time making a Guide, I will clean it up and get it in line. Thanks and I hope you guys like it. I always end up with a lot of kills and assist every game. Tested and loved it, thanks for reading.