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Creator: Laftahl March 8, 2011 4:39pm

This thread is locked

PLEASE NOTE: This thread has been locked by the moderators. You cannot reply to it.

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Feb 15th, 2010
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i was waiting for the anwer from the CREATOR of this topic (at least the topic that it should remain) to lock this down.

as for Jet. I dont mind confronting, if it is as Jebus said targeted on the champion/item not player.

The whole situation does not mean to say hourglass is the worst item you can get EVER, and if you are buying hourglass you shouldnt play morgana. NOT AT ALL. I just dont like it on this particular champion. He asked me for advice, i gave him mine, if you had other opinion you should post it, not attack everyone else coz you had one. Simple as that mate.

as for your damage question...
what makes her a good damage champion? well her spells have 80%/20%-per tick/80% AP ratios that is quite impressive and a nice burst. I dont play her totaly dps wise as i said i play her as a very offensive support.
Her survival skills are very good due to shield (btw also 80% AP ratio), great CC, and passive spellvamp so she can stay in fight way longer than most casters. Also as i wrote as a 3rd item i usualy go for Lichbane which has a 100% AP ratio also.
Her W might seem UP coz you can run from it but as you are a skilled morgana player... do you even use it on champion that is not binded? And from some patches ago... you cant blink out of it either while binded, so they will take at least 3 ticks of the W anyway that makes her spells worth:
80%/60%/80% + 100% LB proc x2 - even more impressive... AAAAALSO... if you count that you will stay close to that person enaugh to let ulti tick 2nd time... it changes to:
80%/60%/160% + 100% LB proc x2 - for me... it is way more than needed to call her a quite good burster...

As i said. I hope that the creator of the topic got his answers and will not be forced to read through this wall of hate and flame more.

Locking thread - if you want to addres this topic more to me or Scrax or any other player possible. make our own one. I will for sure read it through. Like all the posts here.
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