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Creator: The Only Exor
April 25, 2012 4:13am
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So i wrote my guide and i have been getting mixed feedback about the way its set out, so im hoping the general public will be able to help. I would have thought that it provided information in a good order and didnt fluff around too much.

Im not asking you guys to upvote or downvote. Im asking what a good order to present information is, what information should be included and what is the limit of too little and too much information for a section.
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Your guide feels too long because there's not any coding/too much blank space. Enter after enter after enter. Have a look at some of the top guides and see if you can copy their formatting.

I only looked at one build and noticed both Madred's Razor and Black Cleaver, on the jungler. Unlikely. You also purchase the BC too late - what's 45 armour pen when even the squishies will have 80 armour by the time you build it?
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