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Project: Share BB-Coding!

Creator: Cortez Cardinal
January 14, 2013 7:38am
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Hello there fellow summoners and guide writers!

I'm sure you have stumbled upon a guide on MobaFire before where you liked something in the design and asked yourself "How did he do that?". Now you can of course figure everything out if you are experienced enough and take some time to try it out yourself. But why waste that time that someone else already put into creating exactly or at least almost what you want? Why can't we work as a community and just be generous enough to share our hard work with other guide authors? I really don't see anything that would stop us from doing so! Especially since you can ask people to link your guide if they use anything. This way if you put alot of efford into your coding and other people are lazy then you will get views for your work and your guide will be spread around MobaFire for free!!

That's exactly why I started Project: Share BB-Coding!

"What do I need to do to join the Project?"

Easy! I will give you a step by step walk through:

  • Add a chapter at the very end of your guide saying something like Project: Share BB-Coding!
  • Link this forum post in the chapter and if you like write a description yourself so people know what this is all about. Here you can add a note that anyone using your coding has to link your guide.
  • Add a spoiler in which the whole coding of your guide will go (do this so that your guide doesn't get unnecessarily long and that only people who want to look at the coding really get to see it. It's not very neat most of the time!). A spoiler can be added like this:
    [spoiler]Text inside the spoiler.[/spoiler]
  • Add a minimal fragmentation so that people can keep a certain overview over what you did and where to find what they are looking for. You can do this by having your chapter titles being colored (not being between the code brackets). You can check out how I did it in my guide if you like.
  • Copy in all of your text from the editing view (so with the bb-coding ofc)
  • Look that it all works as it should and then hit "Publish" <3
  • Optional: Copy the link to this forum thread into your signature to spread the word. You can use this picture to make it look neat: You might have to resize it since it's pretty big for a signature.

I think that if we can get this project to become big then It will save alot of time on coding and let all of us improve our guides! If someone figures out something smart or nice then it should be in more guides! I know that this might streangthen the "opposition" and that might put some people off BUT as mentioned above you will be linked in all the guides that use your code! If it's used in a popular guide then more people will click on your guide! This way you can get credit for your work.

In the end it will hopefully be one big sharing of coding so that people who might not be that good with code can still make a nice guide with their ideas. Mankind got big because we started to share work and let everyone do what they do best. If MobaFire should get bigger and bigger then we will have to do the same!

If you like the idea then please don't stop at using it on your own guide. Spread the word! put it in your signature! The more people join in the more awesome MobaFire will be!

Please tell me about any thoughts you have down below and feel free to drop a +rep if this seems like a cool idea. Also remember to +rep people for doing this in their guides!

Also anyone who would like to make a new cool picture for this project can feel free to do so. I would really apprechiate that since the one I added is pretty improvised (I'm not very good at this stuff).

Cortez Cardinal

Please +rep if I helped and check out my guide.
Thanks to TinyStar for the signature!
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This is a great idea! I have no idea how I missed this. I'll think of a way to include this badge and the concept within my own guides.

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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by -NA- Veng Lmfao » July 29, 2013 6:41pm | Report
I'd prefer if people figured out how to do it themselves.
There are numerous coding guides which tell you how to do 99% of things, isn't that good enough?

I mean, I had to figure out everything I coded and I spent atleast a good 2 hours on my matchup section perfecting and memorizing it.

I've never been a fan of spoonfeeding.
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Permalink | Quote | PM | +Rep | Commend by jhoijhoi » July 29, 2013 7:42pm | Report
As someone who's been here a really long time, back before people coded their guides, I have to say that it's silly to want to keep coding to yourself. For instance, the summary banner you use in all of your guides - Psi and I made that for ourselves and never really wanted to share it, as we wanted it to be a special thing he and I only had.

But people figured it out.

Since then it's just like, why bother keeping coding a secret? That's why I've written as many coding examples as I can think of into my Making a Guide Guide AND the coding wiki pages I created.

I don't know if everyone sharing coding specifically of their guide is a great idea. But willingness to share aspects of coding that you are proud of - that's a different story.

EDIT: This? Looks a lot like mine with the addition of coloured bars. LaCorpse did something similar first; and no doubt saw something similar that she based her idea off of. Like, nothing in coding is original, really (unless it's something completely new and unique like Psi's and my summary bar).

Varus is rarely seen compared to the other ADCs. His ultimate, Chain of Corruption is a fantastic initiation, similar to Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow. If you or your ally is hit by it, ensure you don't stick together, move in separate directions. Hail of Arrows is similar to Kog's slime trail, or MF's round of bullets - they're more often used for utility, as in slowing an enemy champion from fleeing or chasing, rather than for damage. Watch out for Piercing Arrow, like Cait's Piltover Peacemaker, you have fair warning when Varus will attempt to snipe you with this, as he will often try to increase its range and damage by drawing it out.

In fact, here's the coding, if anyone's interested (it's also available in my Making a Guide Guide, linked above):

Spoiler: Click to view
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