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Stark's on Shaco?

Creator: JunSupport March 12, 2011 6:36pm
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Feb 10th, 2011
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i could just say "starks is a bad item, theres a reason barely anyone buys it" but then you'll cry and say i'm not explaining anything, when i don't even need too.

attack speed is genuinely a wasted stat on shaco, you already get more than enough AS from your madreds

yes, aura items are support items, the only exception to this is aegis, which is a tank/support item. or maybe i should be building soul shroud on all mage champions.

shaco needs items that a) benefit his total dps output and b) affect his clone

starks does neither of those

guardian angel

there you go, you hard hit, you have good dps, your clone is strong and can live to do damage, you don't die the instant you decieve and hit an enemy in a teamfight
Jet has been banned for trolling and blatant racism.
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