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Hello Mobafire :3

Creator: BluAnimal
April 12, 2013 2:02pm
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Hey Mobafire! Would just like to formally introduce myself. :)

I've been a member of Mobafire for almost 2 years and for the majority of it I rarely posted. I first joined to make one of the worst guides in history. Immediately after I vanished only to return months later to try and participate in the community. I didn't keep up with the community for very long and ended up vanishing again. I returned in the Summer of 2012 and published my second Jax guide, which ended up holding the #3 spot on Jax for nearly a week. Was really a huge accomplishment to me. I ended up leaving later on that year because of being busy with school.

I've come to make my second return and hopefully stick around this time. My name's Matt, but you can just call me Blu preferably. I main top lane and my favorite champions include Jax, Zed, Singed, Renekton, Olaf, Cassiopeia, Graves and Shen. I made a ranked blog which I abandoned and have returned to, you can find it here. Since I left Mobafire I feel I have grown as a player and a person and I plan to stay this time and hopefully make a positive impact on the community. I recently reached Gold IV and aim to be Platinum by the end of this season. I also want to publish another Jax guide that hopefully will reach a prestigious spot on this site. If I'm not in my blog or typing away on a guide I'll be around General Discussion as well as Theory and Build crafting. I'm also going to be playing in the Mobafire inhouse this Saturday, which I plan to attend a lot more of, as well.

I hope I make a ton of friends on Mobafire and actually stick around this time. Thanks for reading. :p
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Hi :D
Change is gooooood
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Hey there Blu :D

Feel free to +rep me if i helped any way!
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"I hope to make tons of friends"

"Who the **** is LiLStormcloak "

pretty good start if I don't say so myself.
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Hope you enjoy your stay c:
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