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IEM Katowice gameplay discussion

Creator: Rhesus Harks January 23, 2013 2:02pm
Rhesus Harks
Rhesus Harks's Forum Avatar
Dec 14th, 2012
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So yeah, hi again ! (I use "so yeah" too much, isn't it ?)

I'm far from level 30 (well, maybe not that much, soon I'll be 22) and let's face it : I'm a beginner (no, I won't copy here my previous tread). If I'm right, this is the good part to discuss professionnal play, so I think it's the good place to say what I'm about to say. I'm the kind of "wanna understand everything" guy and I think that game and strategy analysis are a good way to, theoritically, improve one's ability (and it's nice because it gives a lot of new ideas). So yeah, I'm opening this thread to discuss the whole gameplay thing about the IEM Katowice (even if I hadn't the time to watch the full stream). Here's a graphic summary I found on elohell :

Of course there are those epic moments nearly anyone knows by now (who said xPeke, Kassadin and Nexus ?), but there's always a lot more and my new player eye isn't juste able to understand everything. So, here we go again.

Why where Diana and Rengar so abandoned ? I mean, I know they where recently nerfed (especially Diana), but did they become that useless ? I never played them so I just don't know, I thought (at least my friends said it) that Rengar was kinda up-ed (well, maybe it was aftet the IEM, I don't know).

Second huge thing I see is the amount of Giant's Belts/Warmog bought. Is the actual metagame going more and more tanky or is it me ? I mean 18 games, one solotop per team each time and here we are, 43 Warmogs ? Going tanky and tanky even more, all the time. Is this the good way to play ? I mean, there are items like the Laundry's and champions like Elise/Brand/etc. who know how to handle an enemy with too much life, and having more life is just a problem for the poor supports (I mostly think about the healing ones like Soraka/Taric), no ? Yeah, enemies have lower damages but they stay here longer, are harder to shut down and can stack some items (who said BC ?). If everyone's going tanky, AD and Ap will soon be useless and everyone's going to build full MPen/ArPen, no ? (Maybe I'm just having paranoia but...)

Finally, there were some really nice plays and it's something worth the discussion IMO. I was (and I'm still) fond of Alex Ich's TP-Ryze, going TP on mid is, I think, a good way to easy ganks (especially with all those summoner spells CDR things) and I'll probably try it if I have to play mid one day (but let's hope this day won't come). Of course, xPeke's Kassadin was awesome, I think no one can deny it.

So yeah, anyone has anything to say about this IEM ?
A polish guy living in France. Sorry for my bad English ^^
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Aug 14th, 2011
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Well since the changes to ArPen and MPen, with the flat and the percentages, buying Armor and Magic Res has become undervalued compared to buying health. This is why everyone buys Giant's Belt into Warmog's Armor, as it gives health and some health regen.

Alex Ich picks Ryze to counter his lane, but to keep up with the enemy roaming ability he has to take Teleport. I know his ult gives MS but you don't want to use that running to lanes ( Evelynn, anyone? :P). That, and Ryze is such a late game beast.

Diana and Rengar were really strong, they got nerfed. Riot has now admitted they have overnerfed them, so they will receive some buffs soon to be up to par with other champions.

I really enjoyed watching the IEM, really confirmed my ideas about preseason 3 as for now. Actually showed me how viable Olaf is, and what I should be building on him :P

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