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The King of Demons is on the Move!...

Creator: DemonSovereign January 3, 2013 8:39pm
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Apr 5th, 2012
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Hmm that reminds me. I was the only person who warded lol. Warded the entire enemy jungle while everyone else pushed lanes. We could see if the enemy was coming and back off at the right time.

I think I won't take that risk of not warding :P
I ward and in exchange I get carried :3

i guess you are already aware of the support's double-edged sword. =D

As requested to GMD himself.
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Sep 14th, 2012
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Pheyniex wrote:

i guess you are already aware of the support's double-edged sword. =D

lol. Yes yes I am :P

9th game:

My team: Malphite, Alistar, Darius
Enemy team: Evelynn, Blitzcrank, Shen

Top: Vladimir vs Nidalee
Jungle: Hecarim(me) vs Amumu
Mid: Orianna vs Kassadin
Bot: Vayne & Nunu & Willump vs Ashe & Jarvan IV

I have to say this match went pretty bad. The enemy counter picked and they took Amumu. In early game after clearing blue, I went to Red buff side of the jungle. It was completely warded with Nidalee's traps so I constantly took damage. It made me recall earlier than normal. Vladimir didn't even guard even though I asked him too ._. Kassadin got FB off Orianna. I ganked a lot and they were successful except for the ones on Nidalee. Everyone on my team got stomped on in their lanes. They were all asking me to help and I could only be in one lane at a time. I had to help top because Nidalee had five kills off Vladimir by ten minutes. Ashe and Jarvan IV was crushing Vayne and Nunu & Willump. Kassadin started to get kills off Orianna even though me and her killed him a few times early game. The enemy team was getting fed fast so I had to stray from my normal build and go tanky a.s.a.p. What really lost us the game was the lack of wards. I was warding everywhere, because none of my teammates(except Vladimir and Nunu & Willump) bought any. Even so, Vladimir only bought one ward the entire game and Nunu & Willump died too fast before he could ward anywhere. I was getting fed early with my ganks so I guess I should have went my normal build. Although the enemy were getting just as fed off so I couldn't really decide. It was funny how Nidalee still got kills even with her troll build. Oh well... gg
Thanks TinyStar for the amazing sig<3
Care to check out my Mordekaiser guide? I'd appreciate it :D
Dark Metallica-Rocking With Mordekaiser
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