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Build your team WE WILL BATTLE

Creator: JEFFY40HANDS July 14, 2011 5:33pm
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Aug 10th, 2010
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Plain and simple. This will act like (if it takes off) Fantasy Football mixed with DnD for LoL. I need people to sign up 5-10 preferably. So we can make at least 2 leagues, once we get there we will do a League A draft and a League B draft. Plain and simple I need people to actually want to do this. I've got some fleshing out of how this will work, but if people are interested I'll start working on the details.

Not sure if this goes here in General or maybe it's Off Topic?

-5 people in a league
-Each person gets 5 champs
-Champ selection will be based on a 15 point system. Each champ will be assigned a point value ranging from 1 to 5. Points left over will be implemented in the scoring, essentially a handicap. Each player will choose 1 champ at a time until all 5 players in the league have acquired 5 champs, their assigned points not exceeding 15 but not being below 5.
-Matches between 2 players will be scored on (a basis for how points can be scored has yet to be determined).
-Emphasis on eliminating the opposing team however scoring turret and inhib kills and eventually the nexus determines the winner of that round. However a winner of the round can still result in less points in their league.
-A team shall remain unchanged UNTIL the end of that leagues sessions of play. That is until a winner is determined.
-What point assignments mean for champs
5-Solid Champ strong and well balanced, assigned typically to tanks, tanky DPS, and high tier nukes.
4-Strong champs which can be game changing. Typically assigned to Assassins or pure Supports
3- Loosely situational champs, solid picks but mainly fillers to back up or complement other champions. Typically DPS or lower tier assassins or mages
2- Mediocre champs which can be strong but are not as sustainable or reliable. Typically off chance junglers or less beefy DPS/Mage champs
1-Low pick, VERY SITUATIONAL, typically assigned to hard to place champs. They can fulfill roles but not as well as other champs.

Build Type- When selecting a champion for your team you will also designate their build type. For example: Warwick- Tanky DPS or Veigar-Pure Nuke. Up to two titles may be assigned in terms of how you wish to build them. Defining a build type will also provide a champions base stats.

Build Types/Base Stats-
Tank:500HP 300MP 50AD 0AP 30ARMOR 30MR
DPS: 400HP 350MP 60AD 0AP 20ARMOR 15MR
Nuke: 400HP 500MP 50AD 40AP 20ARMOR 15MR
Support 400HP 550MP 40AD 35AP 20ARMOR 15MR
Hybrid 400HP 400MP 60AD 30AP 15ARMOR 15MR
((These numbers may be adjusted))

Role Types-Role types define the role you wish a champion to play.

Role Types-
Off Tank

5- Amumu, Annie, Ashe, Corki, Gangplank,Irelia, Jarvan IV, Karthas, Lee Sin, Malzahar, Nidalee, Rumble, Singed, Soraka, Taric, Twisted Fate, Warwick, Xin Zhaou
4- Alistar, Anivia, Blitzcrank, Brand, Caitlyn, Cho' Gath, Fiddlesticks, Karma, Le Blanc, Malphite, Mordekaiser, Nunu, Orianna, Sona, Trundle, Udyr, Vayne, Yorick, Leona
3- Akali, Cassiopeia, Ezreal, Galieo, Garen, Janna, Jax, Kayle, Kennen, Lux, Miss Fortune, Morganna, Nocturne, Poppy, Rammus, Renekton, Shen, Sivir, Vladimir, Zilean
2- Dr. Mundo, Evelynn, Gragas, Kassadin, Katarina, Kog'Maw, Maokai, Master Yi, Nasus, Shaco, Swain,Urgot, Veigar,
1- Heimerdinger, Olaf, Pantheon, Ryze, Sion, Teemo, Tristana, Tryndamere, Twitch,

Season Rules to Victory:The winner of a match is determined by the one who kills the nexus first. However it is not impossible for the side who technically loses the match through their nexus being destroyed to still come out ahead in the season's points. The points scored persist through the season until the end. The winner of the Season is determined by who has the most points at the end of the season. However W/L ratios along with other factors will apply in some ways.

Match Scoring Breakdown:
Champ kill-50 points
Tower kill-75 points
Nexus kill-200 points
Dragon Kill-100 Points
Baron kill-150 points

The idea of a match is like any other typical game of LoL. Kill the nexus, however a quick reading of the points listed above shows that there are other important objectives.

MATCH FLOW BREAKDOWN:-Each Player will choose where their champions will play. Choices being Top/Bottom/Mid/Jungle.
-Once each position is chosen there will be a turn basis in which (whoever's turn it is) a player will be allowed to use an action for three of their laning champions. Junglers are exempt from this because they are essentially removed from lanes. Junglers play will be worked on later.
-The lane play emphasizes on control, creep kills are not a true factor as it would be complicated to encorperate. There may be a random number generated for all laning champs every few minutes to encorperate gold generation etc. However here is an example of what a common exchange of laning might look like.

Player 1 Laning Actions-
Ashe: Moves forward one space
Soraka: Moves forward one space.
Annie: Attacks Malzahar with Incinerate dealing X damage X damage is resisted.

How Jungling Will Work (Initial Idea subject to change):Jungling will work seperately from laning. Baseline thus far I've decided that each player will choose a route for their jungler to take. That includes potential invasions. They will plan rougly 6 moves in advance. Each camp will count as one action. Within those first 6 moves they will plan which camps they would like to attack (and in what order) and potential ganks or if they wish to return to base before re-entering the jungle. I would like to make the jungling rather secretive. An unknown factor to keep players on their toes. However that might prove difficult, thus planning 6 moves ahead will compensate by forcing players to factor in their aggression in a lane. Too aggressive and they might not be able to avoid a move they knew was coming. Junglers will be on a seperate champion action thus not interfering with the 3 champs a player may use during their turn. During each junglers "activation" they will have their pre planned move used. Each time a jungler or another player interacts with a creep camp we will assume the creep camp is killed simply determining the damage they recieve while attacking the camp. Invasions and buff steals might be a little tricky to incorperate while this game is still in the begining phases of developement. However I will work on this as best I can.

HOW CHAMPION ABILITIES WILL WORK AND HOW ITEMS WILL DETERMINE STATS CHAMPION INTERACTION:Thus far I have decided that champions will retain all 4 of their abilities. This is essentially a turn based game so status effects will not be timed durations but turn based ones. Summoner spells will be available as well, however I will remove rally and fortify. Those 2 abilities make it slightly more complicated to factor in offensive stats as well as how champions will interact with turrets. I may incorperate new summoners to compensate. But current summoners will be re worked too, an example might be ghost. Champions will be hampered with a radius in which they can attack a target and move. For example a champion like Tryndamere might only have an attack range of 2 whereas a champion like Miss Forturne will have an attack range of 4 or 5. The same is said for summoner spells like flash or ghost. Flash might allow you to move 3 spaces in any direction (instantly) whereas ghost will increase your move distance on your turn by 3 spaces. As well specific attacks like Corki's Phosphourus Bomb with longer range and AoE will exceed his auto attack range. An ability Like Tryndamere's Spinning Slash will allow him to move 3 spaces in any direction while damaging anything it passes through. I hope this gives a solid early concept of what I hope to do with this game.

Now moving on to items- Items will be broken down into 3 different catogories Offensive/Defensive/Hybrid. Items will modify your baseline stats and offer some unique passives. CDR for instance will now (because this is turn based) reduce the number of turns where an ability is un useable. Move speed items like Boots or Phantom Dancers will increase your move distance. Attack Speed items will determine the number of auto attacks you get on a champion's "action". Life steal might be hard to incorperate, but I haven't removed it yet. The number of items a champion may possess will either remain at 6 or be reduced to 5. The number of items that can be created may be drastically reduced as well as their stat bonuses may be simplified. An example Brutalizer: +10 AD +15% CrC Passive: Champion's Auto attacks now penetrate 15 of their targets Armor (+10 Damage to the attacks if target has 15 Armor +5 if they have 30). Something along those lines.

Champion Actions: Champions will have 2-3 actions to use each turn.
Move Action: Refers to the phase where a champion may move to a space within their range or not.
Attack/Support Action: Refers to a champion choosing to attack an enemy or support a friendly unit.
Summoner Action: Refers to a champion activating an ability like Ghost or Flash. There is an internal CD between the use of Summoner spell 1 and 2, as well as a cool down which prevents the use of a summoner ability after it is used X turns before. The CDs for summoner spells will be determined later.


The Map-We will be working with Summoner's Rift, a simple 5v5 map with 3 lanes and a river which splits the map in half. I plan on creating a map which will (for now) be a simple grid laid on top of a Screen shot of SR from above. The grid may be modified to focus on making ALL routes moveable spaces that means the lanes, the river and all paths leading to but not on top of creep camps. This will allow for later game group movements in the jungle but not hamper early game jungle play. Thus far I've thought that all lanes shall be divided into sections. Front Tower: Meaning the space from both players opposing most outer turrets. Second Tower: Referring to the space between a players outer front tower and the tower behind it. Nexus Ground: Refers to the area from the second turret (the ones before the inhib turrets)to the player's well. This will make it easier in terms of lining up objectivesfor attacking and defending. Rather than fighting in one long lane you are fighting in stages. Players in a lane will not require any movement action to get to their first point of defense.
Wards-For the moment I am leaning on removing wards from the gameplay concept. Considering the only movement which will be essentially unrestriceted and possibly unavailable for BOTH players (player A's junglers movements may not be known to player B and vice versa for the sake of keeping each side on their toes) for the first 6 or so moves. Shall I change how junglers work in this I will change my mind on wards.
Movement- I've already explained a little about movement. But I will go into it again here. Movement will be confined to radial distances using a simple system. Champ A has +5 Move Speed. This means on their turn a player can move champ A 5 spaces in any direction. Junglers will work differently. For roughly 6 turns both junglers will simply "teleport" to a creep camp they have already laid out in advance. This pre determined movement includes places to gank from if the player chooses to add that to their pre determined move set for their jungler. During early game though a
Global Object Events (GOE)- GOEs will be implemented to force team fights. Rather than being based on player's preference of when they wish to attempt Dragon or Baron (at least dragon) a GOE will occur, when a GOE is active players may choose to initiate it. However there are risks and rewards to doing so. The rewards being gold split between the team and points towards their standing in their League. The risks being that should player B intiate a GOE player A may choose to contest it or ignore it. Ignoring it means their champs have free push in lanes. Contesting it means a team fight, whoever wins that team fight then has control over the GoE which allows them to aquire it freely. Initiating a Dragon GOE takes 5 turns to complete at all levels. Thus that is 5 turns for the opposing player to push. IF a Dragon GOE is ignored by a player they cannot then interfere for those 5 turns that it is under way. Baron may have a larger number of turns required to kill it. All champions currently alive for a player will be "teleported" to the GOE when it is initiated or contested. After a GOE is completed all champions will be returned to their base.

Leveling: Champions will have a set number of turns in which they will level. As long as they are in the lane or the jungle they will level. Essentially it should go something like this
Start-Level 1

2 Turns (meaning Player A Turn 1, Player B turn 1 Player A Turn 2 Player B Turn 2 Both Teams Champions Level) level 2
2 Turns level 3
3 turns level 4 and so on. Each level refreshes the number of turns it takes to level again. Champions who spend time out of lane or in the jungle miss out on half of that level gained. Meaning if the next level if 2 turns away they require an additional 2 turns before they level.

KEEP IN MIND this is only a concept, I will most likely have to design or modify a Summoner's Rift map with a grid overlay so that it can be visual and less confusing to people. As well figure out how to encorperate other things like ganks/summoner spells/champ abilities etc.
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Jan 17th, 2011
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I want to join sounds so fun ^.^
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Aug 10th, 2010
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Woot there's 1. :D

Thus far I've got a basic concept.

A series of matches each player makes a team of 5 champs. Once a champ is taken in one of the leagues that champ is no longer accessible to the other players in that league. Each champ will have a certain point value from 1-5 or something, that point value factors into a match etc etc. I'll need to go through and assign champs points and what not, only if I can get enough support though.
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Jan 20th, 2011
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I'm a bit confused as to how this works, but I'm in. More details please? XD

I make sigs, PM me if you want one :D (Thanks for the Nidalee sig, The_Nameless_Bard!)
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Oct 5th, 2010
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Is this going to be an in-game tounrey style thing?

If not, it sounds like it'll get really dorky really fast.
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Aug 10th, 2010
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It is going to be dorky....But who cares?

@Lazukin: Still working on the details. I have a lot of things to do considering I'm more or less making this up as I go along. I'll try to get more done ASAP.
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May 9th, 2011
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Ok so I do not fully understand how you will have the matches be played? Will it be 5v5 AI bot games? Im interested in playing as it sounds fun but im confused as to how this will work.

Thanks to Xiaowiriamu for the awesome Olaf sig.
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Aug 10th, 2010
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It's more or less a pen and paper game....No actual in game play.

I don't understand how people are being confused I thought I said it was Fantasy Football+DnD (Dungeons and Dragons)....Which to me means no in game play....Bah still much to do.

Anything could change but for now it is staying Pen and Paper.
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Jan 25th, 2011
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Can I get my Morde, Mundo, Nunu, Singed and Nasus combo, 100% chance of victory?

You should make a list and say the amount of points each champion has.
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Aug 10th, 2010
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I'm working on that. And champ selection will be between the 5 people in a league. Each player will randomly be given a number from 1-5. That number stands for their place in line as to when they will choose a champ. Each player will pick one champ at a time. The order will be 1-2-3-4-5 then 2-3-4-5-1 then 3-4-5-1-2 and so on until all players have 5 champs. That will keep it relatively fair, as well because of the point limit (15) no player may have a combination of champs whose sum is less than 5 or greater than 15.
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