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Creator: PineFussy June 20, 2012 12:25pm
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Oct 28th, 2011
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There are certain champions in the league that i just cant stand in solo que and stuff and i just insta rage wben i see them in the loading screen. some of these champions are very common bans but still when they are not banned and i get to face them on my lane i really really just rage all game and it lowers my spirit for the whole game.(I dont jungle or support so thats why i am not *****ing about those lanes.) The champions are as following:
Kassadin and Morgana for mid lane.
Vayne for ad botlane.
yorick,shen toplane.
Please give me comments and suggestions on how too counter these sons of *****es X D these are the guys making me stay in elo hell!

Thanks forum.
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May 29th, 2012
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Hah. I only rage when I am facing a Darius, no matter which lane I am in and indifferent of the team he is in. I also dislike Shyvana and Shaco when I am jungling. I even stopped jungling because of one single Shaco :<

As for your answer...

*Theoretically, you can dominate Kassadin early game with an AD carry, for example Gangplank, which is not quite the case in the current meta-game. Also: DAT MOBILITY.
*As for Morgana, I think there is no real way to counter her. You must OUTPLAY her for good, and try to zone her. Don't ask me how D:
*Also, since she is squishy, Vayne could be outplayed and zoned by a high-burst champion. Also, long range champions, for example Caitlyn and Kog'Maw.
*As for Yorick and Shen I don't have any suggestions. The first has too much poke and the latter has too much sustain :<
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Oct 23rd, 2010
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I have to agree with Yorick but for the rest meh I can deal with it. and dont hate on Kassadin just go talon and laugh
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Feb 28th, 2011
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You probably won't win your lane against a halfway decent Yorick. Just try to stay alive and take what CS you can get. Plus Yorick's often push, so you might have a chance to sit on tower.
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Jan 16th, 2012
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Mordekaiser is also a champion to add, when he has some spellvamp, he walks all over you.
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May 18th, 2010
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the only champion i rage against is teemo. seriously.
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Mar 21st, 2012
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Ok, let's go in parts:

Kassadin has one of the worse starts ever. EVER. You just take your AD carry, and put him on Kassadin's lane. Preferably, someone mobile like Vayne, Caitlyn and Tristana (them ganks), or with a defense mechanism like Sivir.
And then ensue roflstomping. Last hit, minions. While there's no minion to hit, go to Kassadin's face instead, so he'll have to Null Sphere minions to get any gold coming. If he starts coming to you too decisively, just run back and expect le gank.
Once he reaches level 6, he'll probably be behind either way. Get a single MR item, continue raping him. I've done this, so it's not "just theory". He is often banned because people blindly follow the "AP Carry goes mid" meta, which has exceptions, such as Kassadin.

Morgana She exists only to annoy. If you die to her, you're probably allowing her to get some Q (the binding thing) in you, which shouldn't happen ever. It's stopped by minions man! Most mages burst past her shield's defenses. Swain eats her pretty well.
Another way to get past Morgana is just ignore her. Don't bother about killing or harassing much, just pretend she's not there and sende the occasional poke.

Vayne She is very squishy, and some kill lanes just screw her over Tristana and hard CC support like Taric, Leona, Blitzcrank, a good Alistar. Double CC is better for shuffling potential a Cleanse. Caitlyn can outrange her I think (not sure) and is also decently mobile. It's a matter of attitude.

Yorick Just survive him. People advise that if you have a strong AD such as Fiora you can force duel him and downright beat him if you get on top of him (cannot confirm this) since he lives by poking. Hiding in bushes cancels his ghoul's chase (unless he enters the bush or there's some sort of visibility item there. Nasus and Nunu can survive Yorick pretty well, both eat his ghouls in different ways.

Shen Never faced him, soz

Darius HP counters him (early Frozen Mallet. He isn't particularly hard. Also, I've roflstomped Darius with Rumble five times now, bainting Q is pretty easy, your shield is amazing, and you can make him waste mana pretty fast. Kennen can probably do it too, if smart.

Mordekaiser Dodged E, get ganks on him. He's a lane monster, it's true, but knowing his mechanics can help you counter him pretty good.

Teemo Also only faced him on mid or duo lane, so he doesn't annoy me.
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Sep 30th, 2010
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Shen's double sustain and high base damage on Q makes it really difficult to trade with sometimes. W shield reduces cooldown on passive, which allows him to deal more damage. Escape mechanism + gank assist tool in dash.

The best way to deal with him is a lot of ranged harass before you get in his face or a lot of CC. Riven deals with him well enough.
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Dec 20th, 2010
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no idea why people STILL dont know how to beat yorick. seriously...

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The Overmyynd
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Feb 16th, 2012
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OK, here is what you need to know to counter these champs.

Kassadin. This guy is tough to beat, this is true. But not impossible. His silence sphere has a pretty long range and can snuff attempts by champs like Ryze to come in and combo out. Basically what you have to do is play as one of the "anti-midders" and not give him the chance to take advantage of his range. Shunpo and cut throat both do very well to close that gap and take advantage of his inherent extreme squishyness. If you want to do something a little out of the box, switch your AD and your AP lane, and run Caitlyn in mid, possibly a Mordekaiser bottom, so he can handle the long range poke with his shield. Cait out ranges him like crazy, and her harass is damn near unmatched. I would not really suggest running AP Nidalee against him, since all he has to do is keep a creep between you two and he is set. AP Ezreal might do well, as well as ap Kog'Maw after lvl 6. Keep him on his turret, he has a very hard time farming there. Also try Zilean. The range on his time bomb is STUPID and it does crazy amounts of damage. harass like a BAWS.

Morgana is over-rated, i think. Her stun is easy to dodge, and while you really honestly cant stop her from farming halfway decently, like most mids, she has kind of a hard time at her turret. What crushes most teams is when they get to late game, her ult just deals ridiculous amounts of damage to the entire team. Counter this by either playing a super-bursty champ (like LeBlanc) so that when she starts ulting, you just flash in and rape her soul to stop it, or have either a Warwick, Skarner, or Maokai run as your jungler. WW and Skarn both have suppressions, which stop her ult cold, and mao has an AOE debuff that lets your team take 20% less damage.

Vayne gets shut down by range and harass. A fairly offensive bot lane will knock her out (for example, Tristana Maokai for sapling harass, then stun, rocket jump, rape; Blitzcrank, Caitlyn for harass and zone threat; honestly anyone and Zilean as support).

Yorick.... Yowza. Good luck, is all i can say. I've heard it said, and wholeheartedly agree, that you "don't win a lane against Yorick... You survive it." Its a really tough match. His sustain is ridiculous and has great poke. The only down side to him, is that his abilities have relatively very short range. If you can out range him and deal large amounts of damage to out do his self heal, you might be able to force him out of lane. Running Critplank might be a good option. Other than that... Get real cozy with your Jungler, and pray he has a speed boost and a reliable stun. Skarner would be a good jungle partner.

Shen generally won't be hyper aggressive. Vorpal Blade is irritating as hell, and a good shen will keep one on you at all times. Again, out range and harass outside of his range to land the vorpal, and you should be able to keep him clear of his farm. But honestly, his toolkit is so broken, nothing is going to keep him from being useful late game. He won't be a problem in keeping you away from your farm like Vladimir or Lee Sin or Gangplank would, so possibly a farm champ LIKE Vladimir or Mordekaiser would fair well. Really this is the champ i have the least amount of experience with, since i neither play AS him, nor play AGAINST him, since he is perma banned. Someone else might have better advice for dealing with Shen than i do.

Well, here is your novel rofl. Hope it helps XD
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