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Is Sejuani that bad ?

Creator: Blood26 July 23, 2012 10:44am
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Apr 4th, 2012
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Recently, I've been thinking of adapting the role of a tank.
Since I have sufficient IP, I might just get one because people on the SEA server just wants to kill and nobody bothers about tanking.

When I talk about tank, what comes in to my mind is Leona, Amumu, Alistar and Nautilus.
But more recently, I noticed Sejuani too.
So I looked up on a Moba's top Sejuani guide, and am pretty much keen on getting her because I have most of the runes required and all I need is money for an additional page + the champion herself.

Looking up on some NA post, I found out that people rate Sejuani as a horrible tank, prior to joining LoL, I did speak to some of my friends on the possible Champions that I'd love to pick, but when asking about Sejuani, they remarked that she was just a ganker with suites of slows.

So what comes in to my mind is this.

Is Sejuani a really bad champion ?
Some people remarked that she's not a tank, and she's essentially just a mobile bruiser with heavy slow mechanisms
Sejuani is gank-dependent, does that mean the only way for a Sejuani to win a match is to constantly provide his team with ganks through and through ?\

Now.. Sejuani aside, I think I'd like to ask about Leona.
Some people have remarked that Leona is a support, some say she's a tank.
Which brings me to question this.
Are tanks essentially tanks with a side role ? Such as ganker, support or semi-carry ?
Once, I've been told by my friends that even tanks have got to have a role, although I honestly refuse to label Leona as a support because she seems to be much capable as a tank and solely as a tank.

I just can't imagine a Leona supplying wards to her team when you can easily have Janna or Soraka to do that :x. Though I'm not saying only supports are meant to ward and other simply aren't.

In that case, what is Leona's primary in a match ?
Support with support runes ?
Or tank with defensive runes ?

Either way, between these two female champs, which is the better one ? Or, should I not bother about these two and get offtanks such as Lee Sin, Renekton or Nasus ?

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Feb 28th, 2011
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She works pretty well against all in comps with chasing bruisers. You can easily build gp10 jungle on her, but her damage is lackluster.
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Crows foot
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Jun 11th, 2011
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I prefer Leona and Naut
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Dec 22nd, 2011
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Leona is awesome, but most people play her as a kill lane bot with an ADC - it sounds like you want to jungle.

If you want a fun tanky jungler, you really can't go wrong with Nautilus. I also think that Amumu is a good option, even if he isn't as scary as Naut at ganks.
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Oct 8th, 2011
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She is ok. Her only problem is she has a meh to ok early game and bad ganks, but on the other hand she can't afford to fall behind becaus if that happens she is only an ulti bot.
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Mar 21st, 2012
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I saw her a nice deal of times until Nautilus came along. She was most of the times unkillable and a great disrupter but alas she was most suited for the jungle and Nautilus pretty much killed anything she might have brought.

Damage improvement or reduced CD's might do
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Sep 13th, 2011
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To many champs that do what she does better
Acid Reigns
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Jun 30th, 2011
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Get Nautilus, or Leona.

Sejuani is pretty much Nautilus, only worse. The only thing I'd really give her over him is her long term chase, Naut is better at pretty much everything else, and even his chase is pretty good.

Leona is great as well, but you'd probably never jungle with her, if you're looking for a jungler.

Also, it isn't that a tank has to be something other than a tank, it's that a support can be whatever it wants. If there is a champion who's strong without many items, they can likely support.

For example, Janna isn't a support because she is a squishy champ with low damage who riot labels as support, she's a support because she CAN support. She doesn't need to get farm to be extremely good, she brings a TON of utility to the team without anything.

The same goes for Leona, she is a tank, but she's still a support, the two are exclusive from one another. For example, I've won just about every game I've played using Urgot as a support. All laning phase you support your carry by harassing, and poking their carry, keeping them behind, then when lategame comes, and you have no items, you're still usefull, because you can suicide ult one of their carries. The fight then becomes a 4v4, only their team is down a carry, where yours is only down your support.

What I'm saying is, a champions class, and their position aren't the same thing. For example, if you were to describe Olaf, you wouldn't say he's a solo top champion, you'd say he's a bruiser, because a variety of champions can go solo top and do well (Bruisers, Mages, Tanks, and even AD carries). The same goes with supports, a support can be a buffer, a healer, a debuffer, a tank, etc, they aren't tied down to any one class.
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Oct 31st, 2010
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No, Sejuani is actually pretty good.

She was just completely overshadowed by Naut, who is and was totally OP.
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Dec 20th, 2011
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I enjoy ranking and I really though she was interesting. But like pointed out, her damage output is poor and I had hard time farming with her (I don't jungle). She is more a support tank with her different slow and a slightly skill shot ultimate. I wasn't convinced.
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