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Personal guides?

Creator: orionova February 6, 2012 2:40pm
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Dec 28th, 2011
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Hi i was wondering if there was a way to sort of make guides private or something like that.
I really like mobafires format and because I don't play for most of the week so I tend to forget build orders and on some champIons skill Orders as well as tips and stuff about those champions I may forget. With some champs that I don't play all the time I sometimes forget things like on Cass ult how they need to be facing me and how to harass with veigar or wether I need to max drunken rage instead of body slam in a lane against ziggs.

As well though I'd like to write guides to help people get info on champs and such I am not very good at it I feel. Since I spend almost all my leisure time Playing games and I suck with photoshop Im bAd at pictures and usually don't have any,second I also have a tendency to write massive walls of text and in a very unorganized format because I kinda cram the information in.if some sort of prIvitization feature isnt available any tips would still be appreciated because I'm also currently teaching my noob friends how to play and having these sort of guides/buildlists for when they're learning new champs is much more beneficial for both Of us as I can focus on looking at his play or pay attention to what I'm doing rather be typing constantly on what he should buy.

Thanks for your time/help
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Mar 20th, 2011
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Just archive your guide once you publish it, or don't publish it at all :) Or publish it as a "build" (no chapters) and it will probably never be seen ^^

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