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Creator: iGotHacks January 30, 2011 5:25am
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Jan 9th, 2015
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Marumo wrote:

Firstly congrats on your win!
I've tried Shyvana here and there (not really a jungler but I thought it was important to at least learn every role). Press the Attack does offer better damage if your are looking for pure burst damage. Looking at that game you weren't really dealing with any tanks either (couple of hybrids from the Riven and Kayn) but nothing massively tanky. So I think in this particular game you might have been better off with Press the Attack.
Going with Conqueror probably helped you out since the game lasted a really long time so looks like it all worked out!

Congratulations once again!

Yeah, historically I've used Press the Attack. Can't abide the AP playstyle. But Conqueror seems to be the preferred rune, but I like your use case which is PtA for squishies and Conq vs. tanks.
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Oct 13th, 2019
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This thread be so cool as you can see how the end screen changes as time moves on and league gets updated

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