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Sreongest Teamcomps

Creator: The Overmyynd March 29, 2013 8:23am
The Overmyynd
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Feb 16th, 2012
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I've been playing some matches with some Gold friends of mine, and team synergy seems to be really important to them. So, what kind of teamcomps are best? I've seen high mobility teamcomps ( Hecarim, Ahri, Kennen, et cetera), i've seen lockdown teamcomps ( Amumu, Leona, Jarvan IV et cetera), tanky comps, comps that have 2 ADCs (sent the Vayne toplane, destroyed the Karma), assassin comps, and all kinds of other oddball stuff. FFS, snoopeh was just jungling AP kog 20 minutes ago (THAT went about as good as it sounds). So what teamcomps are facerolling right now in the different tiers?
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Apr 7th, 2012
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Seen lot's of assassin and cc bruiser comps.

Jarvan IV, Diana, Akali, Leona, Kennen, Hecarim, Vi, Zed.

These champions have been played pretty much every single game at the border of platinum.

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Dec 6th, 2011
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From my experience, there are three kinds of team compositions.
There are comps that focus on splitpushing. These champions have decent AoE in their kit, but take advantage of their mobility & ability to push towers so much so that if their opposing team does an objective like dragon or getting a tower, they will be severely punished for it. These teams try to avoid a lot of confrontation until the very end of the game, when their ADC and front line has near-full build. People in bronze and silver (maybe gold idk) suck at splitpushing, so you probably won't see this team composition in this ELO, since it involves quite a bit of organization, patience, and cooperation from a team.

There are teams that focus on assassination. These team compositions are often filled with a lot of heavy hitting single target damage dealers. These teams make use of assassins' mobility and CC, and focus on ending team fights quickly by quickly dispatching the squishy carries - they do not want to have long, drawn out encounters. Because assassins are strongest during the mid game - when the carries have not yet built defensive items. it is during this time that an assassination team comp will focus on objectives like towers and dragon. A good assassination team will use this advantage they have gained during the mid game to snowball out of control during the late game..

Then there are team fight compositions. Team fight compositions do not necessarily have strong pushing power (besides an ADC), which makes them susceptible to being splitpushed. They do not always have great mobility, not do they always have burst damage. However, these teams excel in team fights, because they can take out several targets simultaneously In other words, these teams have AoE CC & damage. Cataclysm, Bullet Time, Spray and Pray, Idol of Durand, are just a few examples of the AoE CC these teams have. These teams are strongest during the med-late to late game. I think that covers basically all of it

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