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The Future of LoL

Creator: Shadeypwns February 5, 2012 3:27pm
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Nov 2nd, 2010
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Not going against the "idea" behind your conclusions, but it's content... from "no" to "wtfareyoutryingtotellus??"

You're at least 50% offtopic.
Even if LoL were at it's prime atm - which isnt the case - doesnt mean anything to the topic.
Actually it would be pretty sad, if LoL would've made regessions in an area which means do or die, we wouldnt be talking about it right now otherwise.

And even one hell of a game can still be ****ed up pretty bad with some lousy support/supporters...

I dunno how somebody can get the idea that comparing LoL with it's past state would fit into the current Moba competition.

I mean, Yeah! LoL came a long way.
Takes me back when there were 2h queue on prime time nearly every day for more than 3 months. They did a [sarcasm]totally awesome[/sarcasm] job splitting ~2/3 of the community!!!

...w8 a moment... how does that fit into comparing todays LoL with Dota2 again?
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