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Good/great guide scores not awarded : I have an...

Creator: Hamstertamer February 24, 2019 2:44pm
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Jan 27th, 2018
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What if guest votes are ignored by the system that determines whether you get good/great guide scores or not?

I remember Psiguard saying this

PsiGuard wrote:
I took a look at the requirements for these two categories. Minimum vote requirement is 5 and the guide must be updated during the month.

What if the 5 votes requirement in question only counts votes by registered accounts, and ignores guest votes completely?

It's pretty realistic that the majority of votes on a guide are guest votes isn't it.

This way, you can have a guide with 20-ish votes, all those votes add up to a great guide score, but the system doesn't get triggered because there aren't 5 votes from registered accounts.

So no tickets for you.

That would explain it perfectly...
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Jun 26th, 2011
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This seems plausible. I'll check with the devs to see what score / vote count we're checking. This system was set up before guest votes, so it might not be counting them for raffle tickets.
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