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I saved a guide, but i can't edit it again.

Creator: BaelFiRe2005 November 26, 2017 12:00pm
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Nov 7th, 2017
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Dear MobaFire
I made a guide but i wasn't done yet, so i saved it. The next day i looked through my profile and i couldn't edit it...

Do you know how to help me???
Greetings from BaelFiRe2005
<Retired Admin>
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Hey BaelFire, I responded to your support email but I'll paste the response here as well just in case you see this first.

You need to go to the Guides, Discussions & Media tab on your profile and change the filter to All Guides or Draft Only to see your drafts. By default, only published guides are shown on that page.

Here's a link.
Thanks to Janitsu for the sig!

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