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Spectator Mode Patch Corrections in Database

Creator: Jpikachu1999 May 1, 2012 8:26am
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Dec 19th, 2011
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Annie's Molten Shield only lasts 8 seconds.

Lulu's Wild Growth knocks enemies up, not away, like it currently says.

Ryze's Spell Flux has a 1% of maximum mana modifier, prioritizes enemy champions over him, and has a bounce range of 400 units.

Ryze's Desperate Power adds 35/45/55 movement speed on activation.

Zilean's Rewind can no longer be leveled up at level 1.

Deathfire Grasp's cost is 2600. It hasn't updated yet, so never mind.

Fiendish Codex's cost is 1125. It hasn't updated yet, so never mind.

Morello's Evil Tome seems to be missing a cooldown on it's active, and a casting range (both of which I don't know).

Force of Nature now restores 1.75% of maximum health per 5 seconds, just to be more consistent with all the other HP/5 items.

I'm going to check it later, but I'm pretty sure Randuin's Omen is 1 sec + .5 per 100 armor/magic resist.

That's all I could find. I can imagine just what is going to happen when Lugi eventually sees this . . .

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