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Any decent jungle guides up to date for people...

Creator: Nocturne_Saint November 16, 2017 3:39am
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Apr 27th, 2014
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I'm a semi new player returning after months of not playing. My account is only level 12. I want to start learning out to jungle starting out in VS AI, I bought Cho'Gath because I thought he would do good learning how to jungle.

I'm not sure where to get started. I don't know what the jungle spawn timers are or if they were changed recently with all the new changes.

I know the semi basics, you find the jungle minions that spawn first, you take them out, then go to the nest jungle spawn to emerge, and try to get the buffs when you think you can take on the monster holding them.

Thanks for the help.
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Jan 9th, 2015
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There probably is a generic guide around, but I don't know of it off the top of my head so this is my nutshell take. (I've also got several posts about jungling on my blog here at Mobafire, though they aren't necessarily written with a beginner in mind.)

There were quite a few "minor" changes to the jungle with the advent of the 2018 preseason. I haven't sorted them all out, yet.

I believe the buffs now spawn at 1:30 (regular season 2017 it was at 1:40). Your laners should only help you until about 1:40 then they need to get to lane so they don't miss any minions.

Oh and they dramatically increased the speed boost when leaving the fountain, which means if you have some people that AFKd to go to the bathroom you can get royally screwed if you do get invaded, so you need to be cognizant of that (e.g. just drop a ward at your buff and then go to the other side of your jungle if you are understaffed if you do get invaded).

The basics haven't changed.

3 camp clear - Buff (with leash from your laners) > Wolves > Buff Smite is standard for ganking at level 3.

That gets you level 3 and between Smite and your potions should leave you with enough resources (health and mana + red buff slow) to gank.

Scuttle crab is next if your laners are pushing past mid point in the river and you can beat or escape from the enemy jungler if you do encounter them in the river.

Your laners are pushed passed the river:

Ward for them to spot ganks.

Their laners are pushed passed the river:

Ward likely gank paths to spot the enemy jungler coming in for a countergank and then gank the pushed lane.


As a new jungler I want to caution you against trying to do too much. You have to make sure you are keeping up in farm. While learning I'd argue this is more important than anything else.

Say you've just went back to base to finish your jungle item and your Top laner tells you that he got his opponents Flash.

You look at the map and everyone else looks rather even and you look at your jungle and you have Wolves > Blue > Gromp up on the Top side of the map.

DO NOT run straight to Top lane unless your laner is shoved into their turret.*

You want to get that guaranteed XP and Gold from your three camps BEFORE trying to gank for Top lane.

Likewise if your Top laner is in trouble and you are on the Bot side of the map, DO NOT run passed 3-6 camps to go and help them.

The play is going to be over before you can get there so prioritize plays in the Bot and Mid and getting your camps on the Bot side of the map.

If your laners are *****ing about your passivity mute them.

Getting farm and XP is doing something that will help you scale into the later parts of the game.

You want to gank when it is opportune for you to do so. Low level players do not understand this, which is why it takes a thick skin and liberal use of the mute button to jungle.

*this is a higher level concept, but you want to prevent your laner from getting dove under turret because the only way they get dove is if the enemy laner and/or the enemy jungler have pushed a minion wave into the turret. If your laner dies then, not only do they die (giving over kill and potentially assist gold), but they are going to lose 1-3 minion waves of farm and XP if your laner doesn't have Teleport. So, if you think they are about to get dove then you do want to run there straight away to prevent or clean up after the dive.

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