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camera movement

Creator: sharunas863 September 16, 2021 11:24pm
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sharunas863's Forum Avatar
Sep 16th, 2021
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hi im not a new player but i have been playng with unlocked camera and always holding spacebar to center and lock my camera, just releasing spacebar to look around.Am i suppose to not hold spacebar and look with just my mouse because i see everyone looking around just with mouse and never holding spacebar ?
what is correct way to use camera ?
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Apr 15th, 2014
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Hey @ sharunas863!

The best way is the way you feel most comfortable with. What works for you might not work for other players and vice versa, but we all have different preferences and ways to play.

I personally never used camera lock because I played DotA first and there's no camera lock there. I do know many players that play with their camera lock at all times, it's all a matter of preference.
xblademojo's Forum Avatar
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Dec 4th, 2020
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Hey! The way you do it it's one of the best, since it doesn't require 100% effort from you on the camera control by moving mouse 24/7, thanks to that you can focus on other factors like map awareness, jungle tracking and just laning better.
Unlocked camera with spacebar hold and releasing spacebar while looking is really comfortable.

Locked Camera is one of the illegal ones in my opinion because if you click on the map it instantly shows your champion again right after. So they need to unlock/lock. Nah.
Sovereign Kitten
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Jan 23rd, 2016
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You may play the game in any way you find comfortable.


Mouse Wheel scroll (Keeps your cursor close to your champion)

Bumping the mouse onto corner of the screen (Cursor is further from you)

Using (F1 F2 F3 F4 F5) to target the locations to see what's going on.

Making your map 100% and using that as a reference with lock camera.

Cycling both Unlock and Locked (Which you do)
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Apr 27th, 2021
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Whatever you like the most.
You could also set it so that pressing space locks and unlocks the camera, so you can change it whenver you want / don't have to constantly be holding your space button.
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