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camera play style

Creator: Derk_TheJerk March 14, 2012 8:42am
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Feb 21st, 2012
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Like Age of Empires or Command and Conquer.
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Feb 8th, 2012
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I've always played with unlocked camera, I feel that it's way better. Also, for champs like Ziggs or Shen you HAVE TO have unlocked camera if you want to use that near global/global ability well.
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Feb 3rd, 2012
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yea unlocked camera helps a ton with map awareness. unless of course your staring at ur mini map half the time. u can see people earlier by positioning your camera correctly. if im expecting gank from jungle ill position my camera so ill see him as soon as hes out of bush.
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May 1st, 2012
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Playing with locked camera is out of question for me, it just really limits your map awarness... (Well, I actually came from DotA/HoN, so I was already used to it anyway)

But, what am I wondering is, why is everybody using mouse to move camera around?
I know, I did it too for a long time, but isn't it a lot better and more accurate to use WASD for camera movement? It's a lot more comfortable at least...

This is the keybind I use:
WASD - camera
E,R - Summoner's spells
1,2,3,4 - Champion's abilities
Q - Attack Move (For denying creeps... You know...)
ALT+Q,W,E - Items, upper row
ALT+A,S,D - Items, lower row

I wonder if anyone find this kind of bind more usefull, or am I the only one? It's a lot easier to actually aim spells (I mean, how many times did you miscasted your spell on a creep, because you had to move camera?), and you can still move your camera around without any difficulty...

Well, I guess that I've played too many MMORPGs, hehe...

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this kind of setup? (And, give it a try! I was sceptical about it too when I first tried it, but now it's the reason I can't play DotA again (You know, you can't remap camera movement there...)
Turbo Punz
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Mar 26th, 2012
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IceCreamy wrote:

I always play with unlocked camera. It just takes some practise, but keep doing it and you will get there. Tip: Hit spacebar to get the camera centered on your champion.

^ Yep
When I just started playing my cousins FORCED me into using unlocked camera and I'm glad they did. I'll take time to get used to it but other then that just practice,practice, practice.

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