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Help me with S3 Jungle Lineup?

Creator: JoeyBucketz November 10, 2012 9:27am
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Nov 5th, 2012
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Hey all, hit level 30 not all that long ago and am preparing to start ranked in S3. I hopefully want to main jungle, its where I feel most comfortable and my brother (TheMasterSherpa, he was around on mobafire a little) played jungle alot and he said he'd help me even though he doesnt really play much anymore.

Anyway, with all the jungle changes coming up, I want to start focusing on finding like 3-4 jungle champs I can play very well who will be strong picks in Season 3. So any recommendations for a champion lineup for the S3 jungle (even if we dont know ALL the specifics yet) would be really helpful. Here are a few my bro recommended that I'm thinking about:

Cho'Gath: Infinite sustain, can jungle naked, scales into lategame well, so gold will help him

Dr. Mundo: Really fast clears, very good invader,he also thinks the increased gold will be awesome for mundo.

Lee Sin: One of the few with the early sustain/clearing power that also has killer early ganks. Seems like many of the early gankers might be low health and not able to gank much after first clear.

Trundle: I just always wanted to play trundle hah cuz I never see him. Think he'll be any good in the new jungle?

Any other recommendations would be great! Thanks!
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Aug 2nd, 2012
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Do something unorthodox like when I played top Sona with you and raped Nasus ;o
You could use Shyvana, but not sure how she will fair in s3 jungle. I am sure she will be strong, but not as strong? IDK I don't know about s3 jungle ;p
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Jul 20th, 2011
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Amumu is easy to learn and play.

Maokai as well.

If you really want to learn how to jungle, go for Jarvan IV
Shyvana will be fine, she's survived the s1 jungle.
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Jun 1st, 2012
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I'm not an adept at jungling myself, but guys like Nocturne or Warwick come to mind when it comes to having good sustain and good ganks (For WW only after he gets Infinite Duress though).

Amumu also comes to mind. His sustain might not be as good as the other top tier junglers, but his ganks are pretty good (Provided you don't miss his Bandage Toss) and his ultimate, Curse of the Sad Mummy, is too good to pass up. He's also one of the first junglers I picked up, and I hardly have ever gotten bad games with him.

If you want to also have global presence as well as having good sustain and ganks, then Shen is a good choice. In a Ranked/Draft game, if he manages to sneak through the bans, you can first pick him and have two options: Solo top or jungle. He does well in either one, and his global ultimate, Stand United, is an amazing skill to turn fights around into your favor.

Provided, my insight here mostly comes from my own experience as a lower ELO player. So some of the stuff I said might not even be true.
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Mar 4th, 2012
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tehAsian wrote:

If you really want to learn how to jungle, go for Jarvan IV

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Jun 26th, 2011
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Going to have to try the new jungle myself before I can say for certain, but single-target junglers and sustained/armored junglers are going to be more prominent than they were in season 2. The S2 jungle was easy enough to clear that ganking junglers with AoE clears pretty much outshined anyone else. This should even the playing field a bit.

Trundle will be better than he is now, but I don't expect him to be too popular simply because his kit is pretty situational.

The sustained guys like Nunu, Cho and Lee will probably be just fine. Not sure about Nocturne, he's been weaker since the nerf to his passive and a tougher jungler is going to hurt his sustain (might be fine with the Machete though, we'll see about that). Really strong utility junglers like Amumu and Maokai are still going to be strong simply because of what they bring to a gank and team fights.
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Dec 12th, 2011
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It's hard to say who you should learn because the new jungle hasn't been released yet. From what I have read it's going to make more junglers viable, but it's also going to be more difficult. Riot is trying to make the jungler become a more specialized class, instead of support 2.0, which is exactly what the jungler is now...
he wards...
he gets assists...

I'd recommend getting junglers who preform well with the current meta of the game because they will be least likely to be affected by any jungle change. If the new jungler makes lesser junglers stronger than it's only going to make strong junglers stronger.

Anyway, Lee is a good one to have. I always feel like I can win any game if I play Lee in jungle. I'd also recommend picking up
Nocturne because his Level 6 ganks are very powerful and he's tanky and deals damage.
Malphite would be a good one to learn, but he's almost always banned.
Skarner is very powerful and very fast.
Udyr same as above, but is countered by champions who kite.

I'd also like to point out champions that I wouldn't get.
Amumu He's one of the most popular picks right now in ranked jungle, but if you dodge his Q he's almost worthless. Amumu thrives on people being cluttered so he can Q>R and pick up assists. However, too much of his utility is based on the skill shot, and he has nothing to use to aim it better. Lee Sin is lucky enough to have Tempest so he can slow people down before using his Sonic Wave. Amumu isn't as lucky :\

Shyvana She has no cc. If your team has no cc then ganking with her is almost impossible to do unless the enemy is super over extended.

Shaco I don't like shaco as much as I used to because he is too squishy and has a weak late game. I think junglers like Lee Sin and Skarner out class him by a large margin.

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