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Hypothetical Situation...

Creator: iBradlee August 21, 2011 11:22am
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Aug 11th, 2011
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Mmkay, so I just recently purchased Kassadin (Last night), since I feel that he's a champion that I can see myself having lots of fun playing, as well as doing pretty well with once I get the hang of him. I've been told really not to waste IP on champs, 'till I get a full rune set, or whatever, but I wanted a third champ to sort of main while not playing Corki (I somehow got him for free, so I didn't waste IP on him), or Ashe. Just so I don't get bored too easily, with my other champs.

Anyways, here's my situation:

From what I've been told (not entirely sure how reliable this info is...) Kass. does decently well with ganking, so I figured he'd be a great champ to learn how to properly gank with, while still playing a champ I enjoy. Now, remember, I'm still new; around level 9 or 10, and ganking is DEFINITELY something I REALLY need to improve on. I've only done it successfully a few times. I NEED to get better, and watching videos/reading guides will only get me so far. I need to learn/master the art on my own, with lots of practice.

Let's say I get stuck with top, in a 2v2 situation. At which point should I try and set up a gank, let's say at mid? Should I wait till my teammate and I kill one? Should I wait till both are dead/back at base? Should I ATTEMPT to take their first tower, before even thinking of setting up a gank?
I'm aware that these types of things are mostly situational, and really depend on how the game's unfolding; but I just really want/need a general idea of what exactly I should be doing.

Any input at all would be great. I've tried asking this type of question in-game, but it seems all the LoL players I'm matched with, are plagued with mental ******ation, or just are completely unwilling to answer a simple question, and help me out. Thus, leading me to ask this question here.
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Jul 13th, 2011
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As you get to higher levels, some players will start to jungle or roam. These players will be doing most of the ganks, allowing you to farm up.
Therefore I suggest you farm with kassadin, but ganking is good too :).

You should gank when:
  • pushed enemy to tower (so your tower is safe while you are gone)
  • When the enemy you are ganking is not too close to their tower (so they cannot run away without getting a few hits/or killed)

When you have a chance to get the enemy tower in your lane. Go for it instead of ganking.
It's a free tower.
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Jun 26th, 2011
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Another note: when a gank is considered "successful" isn't always when you get a kill or assist. Simply blowing an enemy champion's summoner spells forces them to play much more passively, or even recall to base, putting your ally in a better position.

Mid-game generally starts when the first tower falls, especially if it's top or bot lane. Since it's difficult to push past the first tower safely, that's usually when there's more roaming and ganking. If you manage to drop a tower with Kassadin, that's usually a good time to gank or push a different lane. Grabbing buffs or dragon is also an option.
Thanks to Minho for the sig!

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