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JungleNaut Help

Creator: Mn9130 February 18, 2013 11:46am
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Jan 29th, 2013
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Looking for some help on how to jungle with Nautilus.
I know he can be a good jungler/ganker, but I've never jungled before and don't know how.
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Aug 3rd, 2012
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honestly naut isnt the greatest person to first time jungle with

his ganks are some of the best in the game and he has amazing cc in his kit but he gets low base stats for it

ive jungled him a few times but when i did i leveled his shield first, and those clears were very very very slow compared to other junglers, and leveled his riptide second(?) if i remember for the extra slow it adds

as much as i love nauts lore/design it makes me sad that he isnt that great other than his amazing cc late game, if you can reach it with slow clear times
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Mar 5th, 2012
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The main goal is to get to level 3 and then gank. While naut does not shine above any junglers IN the jungle, his ganks are one of the scariest. He also has a lot of damage when ganking properly, especially after 6.

naut needs runes, or else he gets destroyed in the new jungle.
Attack speed reds for more w damage
armor yellows
whatever blues
movement speed quints / anything else if you don't have

0/21/9 usually, can go 9/21/0 for extra clear speed early game, or if you are planning for mid game , 0/9/21.

You want to start machete and 5 potions. start wolves, then blue. YOU NEED A LEASH FROM YOUR TEAM, nautilus has relatively weak early game. Do not play nautilus in low levels of play if they are unlikely to leash you. If you can get a smiteless blue, head straight to red buff and take that. You will be level 3. If you smite blue, go to wraiths, and then wolves. Get red buff after, and gank.

While ganking , you want to walk up to them an use your passive. Initiating a gank with your q is risky because they can dodge it. After you snare them with your autoattck, use your w for another quick autoattack and damage. Then use e for slow, and q while they run away. IF THEY ARE TOO FAR TO BEGIN WITH, you can try your q first, but it usually won't work .

Late game you want to ulti their carry, and then walk up to him to cc him. (snare, slow, q) If you can lock the enemy carry in place, they will die very fast and you will most likely win the fight. DO NOT ALWAYS GO FOR THE CARRY HOWEVER, if he is too far back, you can simply knockup as many people as possible. ALSO, YOU NEED TO PEEL FOR YOUR CARRY. Autoattack anyone who is on your carry to snare them, and ulti them if needed. Remember, you can snare with every autoattack on a new person.

Build tanky , because you are the initiator. Things like locket of the iron solari, randuins, shurelyas are really good items. You should refrain from buying dps items unless your team really needs it. (for example, frozen fist or abyssal scepter)
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Feb 16th, 2012
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Both of the last two bring up good points. I would also add that grabbing a philosopher's stone on your first trip back has worked for me pretty well in the past, combined with a spirit stone your mana pool will never empty unless youre just going spam happy and you can actually regen health pretty decently in between fights. Always try to gank at lvl 3 if lanes aren't stupid pushed. Usually your boot choices are between Mercury's Treads for the mres if the enemy apc is doing well, or Boots of Swiftness for easier ganking and carry hunting (remember that spirit of the ancient golem gives tenacity inof itself so that part of merc treads doesnt apply now that tenacity doesnt stack). Heavy tanky and health items are a must, Runic Bulwark, Randuin's Omen, shurelya's reverie, Sunfire Cape are all great items to get mid to late game. Damaging items really arent necessary since your massive CC kit does most of the work for you. If you can practice it, try going in the middle of a group of enemies and rotate your basic attacks to kick off your passive as fast as possible to as many people as possible.
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