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Lieks and dislikes

Creator: TTVXiralid February 18, 2020 8:03am
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Feb 3rd, 2020
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how can i see the exact number of my guides liked and dislikes ?
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Jun 26th, 2011
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You can't.

The score bar is not based on a strict ratio of likes to dislikes. The final score is calculated using a Bayesian average. The specifics seem complicated but the overall principle is pretty simple. You start at around 50% and your score goes up with upvotes and down with downvotes. Once you have a decent amount of upvotes and a relatively small proportion of downvotes, you should see a fairly full score bar.

Your score is also based on a subset of your recent votes, depending on how many total votes you have. This helps ensure that guides are evaluated regularly and guides with hundreds or thousands of votes don't have immovable, inflated scores.

You can only see your score bar and total votes.
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