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Looking for help with Cho, Heim, or Maokai......

Creator: skyKrusher June 20, 2011 1:22am
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Jun 20th, 2011
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Haven't been playing long, I come to you with an empty cup. Cho was the first champ I bought because he looked so freakin cool, then I lost a bunch of games right in a row with him and tried out different freebies. I bought Heimer after playing him for free because I really like turrets and the ridiculous range with his missiles, but, I cannot seem to make him work effectively. Maokai was free a few weeks ago and I fell in love, I've been playing him quite a bit and am actually getting decent with him, but I'm positive there are finer points of playing him that I am missing. I havent purchased him yet, because I also really liked playing Sona quite a bit, she's just plain fun, and I like it when I can end games with 0 deaths lol so I am kind of torn which one I should go for. I'm usually on late at night, and occasionally in the afternoon Tuesdays and Thursdays, central time zone.
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Mar 20th, 2011
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Maokai and Sona are great champions.

Sona is a fantastic support/aura buffer and is so incredibly easy to play + she has an AoE stun. If you aren't doing this already here are some tips:

1) Charge your Power Chord at the fountain at the beginning of the game, so that your first auto-attack hurts.
2) Level up the heal or damage move first, and Song of Celerity last, as you only need one level of it.
3) Buy support items, like Soul Shroud, to buff you team and lower Sona's cooldowns.
4) Buy a Heart of Gold and philosopher's stone early game to generate money. Because you can just about infinitely heal, you're not going to be leaving the lane until absolutely necessary.

Maokai is possibly one of the most fun champions to play, in my opinion. Here are some tips:

1) Level up your Sapling Toss first, then Twisted Advance second with one level of the knock-back (q) early game (like level 3).
2) Always throw your Sapling Toss on the back wave of creeps, the ranged creeps, when you want to farm, as they have the least health.
3) Throw saplings into brush to scout for enemy champions
4) When going to kill an enemy, always throw your sapling at them first before using Twisted Advance, moving around behind them, then knocking them back towards your ally with q. The sapling should explode on them at this point because of the delay, so it's just about perfect. Order: E > W > Q. If you've got your ultimate, pop it on top of them whenever you feel you should.
5) Unfortunately Maokai's Twisted Advance doesn't work through brush. If you go to snare someone and they walk into brush, the animation occurs, but the snare doesn't go through - be careful of this.

I'm currently taking a break from playing LoL, but if you have any specific questions, feel free to ask ^^ Hope this helped.

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