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need help! playing AGAINST trynd...

Creator: fifolek March 12, 2011 8:12am
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Mar 10th, 2011
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Well basically I play 3vs3 and the most common champ there is trynd I guess.
When playing with noobs like myself they are usually no problem at all, but sometimes I play with my cousin or his friends which are all like level 30 with 500+ wins. Then my enemy Trynd 3 hits me at lvl 1 (and I'm mostly taking Rammus!) which was kind of amusing at the beginning but became pretty annoying now. A thornmail won't help at the beginning for many reason. First I'd need to build it straight from the beginning and therefore no boots, but anyways those some hits where he does 600-800 dmg would make him get around +-200 back which is nothing.

I was already thinking about getting a billion dodge runes then ninja tabies or however they are called...

any suggestions? my cousin and his friends just said they don't know and best is to kill trynd before he can kill me...

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Feb 1st, 2011
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I suggest harassing Trynd as much as possible in the beginning without being harassed first, Don't let him hit level 6 before your or before your team, Try your hardest not to feed him, A fed trynd is hell to fight. If you know his ulti is up don't 1v1 him. If he begins pushing tower hug, lead him in if he's stupid and you have full health, But remember if his ulti is up and he tower dives RUN, Or if you can CC then do so, So then he can not leave after his ulti wears off.

Hopefully that helped.
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Nov 7th, 2010
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Feb 10th, 2011
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get one of your friends to learn to play jax (or you)

jax is the best champion for twisted treeline and he counters melee DPS pretty well, so that includes tryndamere

he's also extremely good at early game harassment (empower + leap both level 1 with no runes or masteries is 300 damage) which is what shuts down tryndamere

besides from that, pre-level 6, tryndamere is pretty bad. get ranged DPS / a good burst champion to lane against him, or gank him early on.
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Feb 15th, 2010
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Thornmail is still the answer.

Early game trynde is not THAT strong. so you dont have to (and you shouldnt) build Thorn from start. Get some HP base for start (playing caster get a RoA for example that still boosts your AP) his crit rating isnt that high to get you down superfast anyway.
Than after you got some health, and he already bought 1st PD and BF at least. go for thornmail. Also suggest your tank to get either Raudin or frozen heart...

If you fail to trynde early game that is your fault mainly. since he is worse than Yi or most melee physicals in early game.

No crit = no trynde :)
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Feb 21st, 2011
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popping ignite on his *** right after he enters the endless rage may ensure a 'roasted trynd'. if you can slow him long enough, just move around the turret. i've had my fair share of problems playing against trynd... he is indeed annoying but i need to play with him before i can counter him properly. hope my advice helped.
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Jan 17th, 2011
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ignite and thornmail

deja vu? wasn't there just a thread with this question...

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Jul 29th, 2010
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I always just focus him first early game, all squishes must die( well, except me :P ).
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