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June 15, 2012 10:41am
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Hey guys I'm still pretty new to the whole LOL world and the game even... and I guess I'm wondering if you guys have any tiops or pointers for me for my champs.. I feel as if I go out and will get crushed but then just when I'm about to be like ok I'm done wit this.. I will come back with a pretty good game.. and by pretty good game I don't mean like crushing 20-1-1 i mean like 7-2-4 or whatever.. so for most of you pretty average games... was wondering if anyone had any tips for me while playing I have 3 champs that I regularly play... MAster Yi, Rammus and Nautilus... I'll add my builds at the end.. I always seem to find myself getting crushed by ganks or even just champs that i feel i should be crushing... my average game is like 3 or 4 kils but like 8 to 10 deaths.. with Rammus though i do get a lot of assists my last game with him i was 3-10-12.. I dunno this game is definately addicting but very frustrating at the same time.. and i have very basic knowledge of the items as well so I'm sure that doesnt help much... I like to play the 3 vs 3 tree line th emost as well.. May the order of my builds are off or something.. I would take any help or tips...

Master Yi build
1. Doran's Blade
2. Mercury Treads
3. Zeal to Phantom Dancer
4. Infinity Edge
5. Another Phantom Dancer
6. BloodThirter

Rammus Build
1. Doran's Shield
2. Mercury Treads
3. Heart of Gold
4. Sunfire Cape
5. Randuin Omen
6. Warhogs Armour
7. Force of Nature
8. Frozen Heart

Nautilus Build (Newest Champ Haven't played much)

1. Doran's Ring
2. Blasting Wand
3. Mercury Treads
4. Rod of Ages
5. Abyssal Scepter
6. Warhogs Armour
7. Frozen HEart
8. Guardian Angel

Once again any help or tips would be appreciated..
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Yi build is fine, as last you should sell Doran's Blade for Guardian Angel. Maybe you could take Last Whisper/The Black Cleaver instead of the second Phantom Dancer.

I assume you jungle Rammus, don't know in which lane you want to play him. I start Cloth Armor, Philosopher's Stone, Heart of Gold, with Boots of Speed anywhere in between. I prefer to rush Thornmail then, Sunfire Cape and Force of Nature, upgrading my Boots of Speed into whatever I need. I then upgrade to Shurelya's Reverie and as last item... dunno, never got that far D:
Certainly not Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart as they sort of counter yourself, since enemies need to attack Rammus.

Don't know about Nautilus; never played him.

I hope this helps a bit ^^

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You can always check our guides on those champs ^^ As for yi, I think you might prefer Banshee's Veil or Quicksilver Sash over Guardian Angel depending on enemy team's crowd control (stuns, snares, etc)
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