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Requesting advice for new jungler

Creator: Jackaldave April 4, 2020 2:23pm
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Apr 4th, 2020
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Hi, I am new to the game. Started playing once this coronovirus hit as my first top down game and still have a lot to learn. What I am doing now is watching pro games, reading champion abilities, and practicing jungle.

I could use some strategy advice for some of the situations I have been trying to deal with. One of the things I am worried about right now is when all three of the lanes are losing. I am losing those games and trying to figure out what I need to change to win. I had a rank up game yesterday with fiddlesticks top, raven mid, jhin bot, and yummi support. Our team started south side. So I started red to gank top first since I had never seen fiddlesticks as a top before.

I ganked darius top then got scuttle. Pinged for gank mid on that assasin that jumps over walls. Chased him away with 20 percent hp but my raven did not hit him once. I then killed the other scuttle crab and he killed her with 20 percent and her at 50 percent.

Cleared their blue then ganked one bot and the other ported. I request help on dragon but my bot goes for their tower. I get ganked by their master yi jungler at dragon. Then their bot comes back and kills my bot.

Basically at 14:58 I looked at the clock and I was 7/2/0 with non of my teammates having any kills. Top, mid, and bottum kept dying. I drove of mid two more times with pings for my teammate but she never got a hit in. Raven went 0 and 13. Fiddlesticks got one kill before game ended, and my bot got 2 kills.

So there are a couple things I am thinking about with this match. I was buying control wards and placing them bot lane to try and stop the ganks. I would see the assasin mid head for bot and do a red ping warning them, but they would stay under the enemy tower and die. So should I not buy control wards as a jungler, and should I start my pings on top of people in lane then gradually move them to where the danger is? I feel like that is a bit much.

Also I am starting to pull the plug on certain lanes in games and I am not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. After I tried to gank mid three times with pings and raven never helped I stopped going for mid. But she was snowballed 0/13. Is that my fault and should I stay there. At the same time though both my top and bot all died more than 10 times.

Plus I recognize that I am chasing kills and dying when I shouldn't because I start panicking to try and turn the game around. There's a lot more to think about, but I would appreciate some advice from someone else who jungles on how they game when all lanes are dying. Thank you.
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Jun 26th, 2011
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If you're still playing with fairly new players, they aren't going to respond to your pings very reliably and won't know how to set up ganks. Your best bet is to try and get as big a lead as possible every game. Some games your teammates will just be worse than the enemy team and you might not be able to carry, but you just have to win more than 50% of your games to gain MMR (whether it's normal games or ranked).

I'm not sure what champion you're playing, but in general it's a good idea to try and swing one of the losing lanes instead of spreading your efforts too thin. Snowballing 1 lane is generally easier than successfully winning the whole map because some of your champions or teammates will be better than others and when you gank a lane and burn an enemy Flash, re-ganking that lane is more rewarding.

For the dragon incident, if your bot lane isn't rotating to help you, you have to make the call whether the dragon is safe or not. If it's not safe for you to solo, just don't do it. Your team will often make wrong decisions, but it's your job to make sure their mistakes don't turn into mistakes on your part.

It can be pretty hard to win games if all three of your laners are losing, but that goes for any role where your whole team is worse than the enemy team. The best thing you can do is try to build a lead as early as possible and don't die so the enemy team doesn't get shutdown gold on you. That said, you can't win every single game, so if you're usually doing well and winning the games where your laners aren't completely outclassed, that's still good.
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Apr 2nd, 2020
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Hey, hello! I'm a jungler main and I thought I could give you some insight. Your situations starts off with a very hard assumption: bot, mid, top are losing.

When all other lanes are losing, wether you're playing mid, top, jungle or bot, you are already in a tough spot and it's acceptable that you might think it's lost. However, when you're the jungler you are pretty much the guy who can create a punctual advatange in any lane and converte it into something that keeps you and your team in the game.

So, what you need to answer with all honesty is:
Is this game winnable? And if so, whatever needs to happen in order to win is in your hands? Do you have control over it? If once again the answer is yes you gotta do some work.

Sometimes your win con is to tell your bot lane to play as safe as they can while you camp your jax top and vladimir mid. Sometimes you are playing yi and you are the win con.

Usually the rule of thumb is to ignore the losing lanes and focus in the winning one, but trust me: If your winning lane is a sona mid, there's no use to it. Focus on your win con, wether it is your winning lane or losing lane.

On the match you had, I don't think you tell us what jungler you're playing, I would definitly advise you to babysit your Riven or your bot lane. Your wincon is clearly having yuumi on either your bruiser - riven - or your adc - Jhin -. Fiddle will always be useful no matter how many kills he has, the difference he does between having 0 kills or 5 is pretty irrelevante and he will not carry even if he had 20.

I think you're doing great buying pink wards but I don't think you're doing it for the right reason. Your pink ward, mainly in low elo, shouldn't be used for defensive purposes - avoiding that you mates get ganked - since they won't even follow your pings, it's silly to assume they will have any map awareness. You should use your pink wards to deny enemies vision so you can have an easier time ganking.

About the dragon call, it really demands discipline. The discipline to give up on great calls because your team couldn't care less. The discipline to tell yourself that your team is probably making a mistake for not following you but also are you for keep following a call that doesn't make sense anymore since your team doesn't agree with. Long story short, it sucks, but in those occasions give up on the dragon unless you think you're safe soloing it.

About your riven getting snowballed till 0/13: It's pretty much never your fault if your lanes are feeding.

Mindlessly chasing kills usually is a mistake mostly when the guy you're chasing has a lot of mobility, like Talon, the guy that jumps walls.

I hope I helped, feel free to ask anything more.

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