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Struggling with AD heroes

Creator: MrLichreaver August 5, 2011 7:49am
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Jul 30th, 2011
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Hey guys, recently I have been trying to branch out with League of Legends and trying new types of heroes (typically I play Veigar or Zilean) but recently I have been trying Miss Fortune and Tristana, and I find myself really struggling to play them as competently as I play "AP" heroes, just wondering if there is any advice you guys could offer me for playing other champs as I want to get the maximum enjoyment I can out of the game.


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Aug 4th, 2011
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AD champs are a different playstyle than AP champs. However, depending on which champ you wish to use their playstyle will change, and different factors in each match will effect this as well. It would be too hard to go into much detail on this to really give you a good answer, I recommend looking up top rated guides for the champion you wish to try and reading through it completely. Most good guides will have a section going into playstyle and even how different champs and factors should affect this playstyle. Read some of these and try to incorporate what you read into your game. Really, it comes down to practice and strategy.
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Jun 26th, 2011
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As a ranged AD champion, you should have some of the highest farm in the game. It's important to be able to last-hit, since AD carries generally have very expensive builds. For team fights, you'll just have to practice targeting weak enemies without exposing yourself, as you don't have the luxury to just nuke and back off. Most good champion guides have a laning phase and team fights section, so you might want to go there for advice.
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