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Tank support building advise

Creator: Devampi December 19, 2015 2:26pm
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Nov 22nd, 2014
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So hello. As some people now I love laying Nautilus (because hitting people with anchors is fun).

however as I'm still a bit new to the game I do struggle sometimes a bit with itemization (this isn't only for this role but multiple role's).

so my question is some more advise on items I use or other items I should be using or could use and why.

So for my items I normally go:
Relic Shield-warding trinket-cookies as start.

I like to rush Sightstone (perfect 1st back is sightstone+brown boots) and when I got sightsone I get a red trinket.

after sightstone I normally follow up with mobility boots (sometimes ninja or mercury) and heart of the mountain (this item gets switched out to equinox when I want that 6th itemslot).

after that I normally build (depending on enemy team):
- Locket of the Iron Solari (mostly because of the aura)
- Dead Man's Plate (more movement speed to catch up to people)

and well after that I hope the game has ended but if it isn't I'm a bit more lost what to build against some teams. Items I do build:
- Thornmail (heavy basic attack dependent teams)
- frozen hearts (also heavy basic attack teams)
- Randuin's Omen (against crit teams)
- Warmog's Armor (mostly my last item for the Hp regen)
- Zz'Rot Portal (if a team is more AP then AD and they are mostly in mid lane. oh and movementspeed)

As you probably notice most of the items are against AD opponent's. So more magic resist item recommendation's would be really nice.

already thx for the help
Just some random guy from smitefire that visits sometimes.
<Guide Critic>
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Jan 10th, 2012
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I generally don't like Dead Man's Plate as much for a support because it isn't gold efficient at all if you disregard the movement speed. Zz'Rot Portal isn't bad but I don't think it is worth the slot, same goes for Warmog's Armor and possibly even Thornmail.

My standard build would be:

Relic Shield -> Sightstone + Mobility Boots or Boots of Swiftness -> face of the mountain or eye of the equinox. From there on my standard situational items are;

Locket of the Iron Solari, good against significant AP threat, mandatory when facing 2+ AP damage dealers.
Zeke's Harbinger, in general great item when your ADC is using crit as a stat and not overcapping, perhaps not as good as tanky item but great for your ADC.


Randuin's Omen or Frozen Heart, my preferred armour items. The former is great as a pure damage reduction item, the latter is great if you're looking for CDR.
Turbo Chemtank, I've discussed this on one of my guides with some people and the general consensus is that many people don't like it, I consider it an optional item when you need MORE ENGAGE.
Mikael's Blessing, very situational when your ADC doesn't get cleanse/qss but you're still facing a lot of stuns

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