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Teach me to AP mid carry :D

Creator: Max Carter April 18, 2012 4:33pm
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Sep 30th, 2010
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Swain has a good skill-set and he is rather tanky (once he gets ult). He has two single-target DoTs, one that is a slow. He has an AoE snare and his ultimate is AoE and heals him.

Vladimir has really good sustain, 3 AoEs (including his ulti), one of which is a very good escape mechanism. He also becomes kind of tanky late-game.

Kog'Maw has a good slow and an insane range on his basic attacks (active ability) and ulti. He keeps enemies going where he wants them to go with his spammable ulti.

LeBlanc and Veigar can two-shot people mid-late game. With Veigar, you must be able to last hit. Both of them take quite a bit of practice.

Anivia has great utility and damage throughout all portions of the game. She has a massive AoE ulti on almost no cooldown. She has a skill-shot, slowing/stunning people hit. She also has a massive wall that can annihilate enemy team positioning. Get her blue buff and you are set.

Galio is probably one of my favourites to take mid. He is very tanky (especially against AP champions. that passive). He has two skill-shots with CC that nuke the enemy. His shield blocks a ton of damage for him or an ally (while healing him). Finally, he has an extremely game-changing ultimate. Use it well.

I personally love to play Soraka and Lulu as Mid AP Carries. :P
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Jun 24th, 2011
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Max, keep trying annie and get very used to her, always remember the 5th ability stuns, this works out very good and you can melt someone by doing this, sometimes she is banned in ranked but I havent seen much of her lately, so keep playing she is good, everyone gets melted once in a while ya kno..

She's never banned in ranked because she's not really that good.
Taffy's Forum Avatar
Feb 22nd, 2012
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Personally, I'm a big fan of Lux!

Her 'E' is a great way to whittle an opponents health down, and it's difficult to dodge as well (if you spam E whilst it's flying through the air to detonate it ASAP) You can also use it to 'Illuminate' minions allowing you to deal extra damage with your physical attack.

If you manage to hit someone with your 'Q' you can snare them. This allows you to do a TON of damage by throwing your E behind the snared enemy, activating your ultimate, then auto-attacking and finally detonate E and auto attack again. It is such a powerful combo.

Her 'W' gives Lux a small shield of health and can also be used to protect against the more obvious spells, such as Karthus' ulti, just cast it at the right moment and you'll take next to no damage.

If Lux goes free give her a go to see what I mean :)

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Feb 3rd, 2012
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If you want a ap mid carry with hard CC then i would go swain. Hes also super beefy like animorte said and i personally think his ult is badass. and hes only 4800 now! lol
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Jan 8th, 2011
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just try fun midlanes and play them over and over
as to who to play, i recommend morg and annie for my newer friends
sion/mord might be nice because they easily farm (maintaining 100cs/10min very easy if done correctly)
with pushing mids keep in mind to take the enemy wraiths (especially blue wraith) whenever you can and pick up your own wraiths aswell (clear all of them xD)

greez sam
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UltimateHavok's Forum Avatar
Aug 4th, 2011
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Katarina (most fun, stomps low levels) PENTAAAAKIIIIILLLLLL
Kassadin e-z mode.
Brand OP (flame ******ant)
Ahri is a foxy lady.
AP Yi is troll and surprisingly strong but useless most the game.
Gragas super strong.
Ziggs is yordle version of Gragas.
Heimerdinger is a brain with a mustache.
Anivia good CC, built in GA, strong and flies like an eagle.
Karthus press R to win.
Cassiopeia strong and good chasing/burst
Fiddlesticks is weak
Fizz is a gay fish
Akali super ninja wrecks low levels
AP Sion too stronk
Veigar the over-powered midget
Twisted Fate is the hardest ap mid to ACTUALLY be good at imo
AP Soraka funny at low levels
Swain walkin 'round wit dat pimp cane
Annie and pedobear ez mode
Morgana dodge her skillshots GG

Well, I think I effectively summarized quite a few AP mids.
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Max Carter
Max Carter's Forum Avatar
Feb 7th, 2011
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Thx, i'm going for Ryze now, (he wasn't free when i started using him). I'll keep this way and test when they're free, like moragana. Last week he was free, and I noticed what Havok said: "dodge her skillshots, GG"... And this is why I wouldn't buy her on low level games, where meta doesn't exist and neither mia calls/wards/dragon control/buffs control/farming '-'
Thx for Nyoike for this sig! Tanks FTW s2
CM Punk
CM Punk's Forum Avatar
Apr 25th, 2012
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My 'Main' character is Kennen, i LOVE playing him. Why?

- Great movement because of his E
- Amazing to farm with his Q. Also with his E+W later on
- Pretty nice nuke damage on his Q if you max that first
- GREAT ult, especially in teamfights
- He's an energy champ instead of mana; some people hate it, i love it.

He's just very much fun to play, especially cause of the movement he has. Big fan :) Does require some practice though, i sucked hairy balls in the beginning with him lol :/

Hope this helps ^.^ (PS: He just become 4800 instead of 6300!)
Fox Rage
Fox Rage's Forum Avatar
Jun 24th, 2010
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Only AP mid I play are Veigar, Orianna, Xerath and Cassiopeia. 4 advanced AP carries.

So the only tip I can give you, is this one :

DO NOT RELY ON MIAs. Ward all the time and look at map.

Wards are OP.
Map awareness even more OP.
OP stuff makes you win.

+rep me and you'll get good karma, wich means you won't be reincarnated into a rock! Isn't that awesome?

But yes this idea has been discussed more than Pam Anderson's tits in a plastic surgeons office.
Max Carter
Max Carter's Forum Avatar
Feb 7th, 2011
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I always get a ward and put in one side, my safe side :D

I'm using smart cast, I like it, but I fell it is almost the same thing as clicking o.o sometimes my combo end not being executed (like, I press Q R Q W Q E Q and sometimes it fails) I still need to wait a bit for the spell being cast, right? xD I'm almost smashing my keyboard...

And I end dying a lot early, like near 5 deaths :/ Like, i couldn't face Cassiopeia mid lane with Ryze! She kept throwing poison, I was getting too much damage and couldn't do the same thing to her :/
Thx for Nyoike for this sig! Tanks FTW s2

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